Thursday, November 6, 2008


Here is an animated video by my friend and fellow cartoonist, Ted Rall. I didn't see this until after the election, but it's still relevant and fun. According to Ted, whose editorial cartoons I like a lot, this is his first effort at animation and he'll be doing more in days to come.

And here is Ted's daily blog. He's never at a loss for controversial opinions, not all of which I agree with, but that's what Ted does best.


derekamalo said...

todays bizarro hahahaha
last words of a failed greeting card writer


"on my way to Dan's spot other blogspot comics i pass

cant wait to here about fidos peperes ass hahahahahahahahaha"

doug nicodemus said...

ted best column recently was his arguement that any pregnant teen get a manditory abortion. he is pretty kick ass. you are funny though.

junkdrawerbrain said...

Didn't know Rall was such a big Chuck Jones fan (0:54-1:06, 2:21-3:01).

Anonymous said...

Dude, Ted said that about pregnant teens? I'm reading his blog for sure now!! LOL that is the greatest proposition I've heard in a while...apart from death to pedophiles..and sex offenders in general.

Penny Mitchell said...

A.) The crawl along the bottom of the screen at the beginning is hysterical.

B.) Is that a DONKEY sitting at the table in the White House?

C.) Right before crashing, her little sign should have read, "You betcha!!"

D.) We dodged the hugest freaking bullet in the UNIVERSE on Tuesday.

E.) Sarah Palin is a moron.

P.N. Subramanian said...

The animation video clip is not working. it says "Not available".
I go through yourinteresting posts regularly but seldom thought of commenting. Now the situation warrants.
It serves little purpose by keeping the "word verification" component for comments. It is an irritant. You can easily do away with it.

Julian. said...

the video has been removed...... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Piraro said...

I found a version of the video here that is working.