Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comedy Shows!

Yo, check it, mah homey peeps and niggahs. I'm doing FOUR comedy shows in NoCal in a couple of weeks and all of them will sell out fast (because I am wishing very very hard) so don't tarry. Buy a block of tickets and sell them to your friends!

Click on these images to biggerize them and see details.

Tickets for the Oakland show can be purchased at the theater starting Aug 27, or from here now: BrownPaperTickets.com/event/41550
Johnny Steele and Michael Capozzola performed with me last time I was in SF and both of them killed. There were very few people left alive by the time I got to the stage and they were already weak and easy to finish off.

At the Purple Onion this time I'll be performing TWO shows with Brian Malow. This guy is a longtime friend and a total pro. He'll show me up, big time. I should actually be opening for him but it's my show so tough monkeys. I'll be doing different material than I did last time I was at the PO, so come back again if you saw the last show. And bring a hundred friends. Tickets here: brownpapertickets.com/event/41585

Here's a show that is totally different than anything I've done before. It's an entire evening of art and performances speaking out against animal cruelty in the circus. But don't let that put you off. The artists are invitation-only and very talented. The performers are the sort you'd see at a burlesque show or a real circus, (but all are willing participants, unlike elephants and tigers.) I'll be exhibiting a painting of mine done specially for this show (which is really rare, for reals) and doing some stand-up comedy about the subject. You're sure to enjoy the entire experience and I won't accept no for an answer. Info here: www.abitchinspace.com/

After each of these shows, I'll be selling my books and trading cards and signing stuff and posing for pictures with you and itching to get outside and smoke a cigar. So join me and spread the word!


doug nicodemus said...

you should put your stand up bits here on the blog or youtube with a link so that those of US who have never herd your live concerts....could get a taste...i doubt if it would detract from ticket sales and might even improve them...next time you play in springfield il let me know.

La Framéricaine said...

Congratulations on the Left Coast line up of shows. I wish I was still in the Bay Area. Do let us know if you get out to SoCal as I would love to see you in person.

I posted your wonderful News@11 cartoon as an illustration for a post I did at Halfway To France on a post called Kabul en Brenne from Very Deep France. Your fantastic PARADE cartoon is perfect for the whole mess in a strange way.

Always love to read your post and keep a link to your blog on my blahg.

La Framéricaine said...

Berry Deep France...

I'm always tired these days.

Jeremy said...

Let me know when you're scheduled to perform in any part of Oregon! I could recommend the WOW Hall in Eugene. Not I know much about show business or what kind of commitment you require from ticket sales and such. It seems like th ekind of place where you would perform, very liberal and there are a lot of ethical vegans here.

Wish I could make it to California, but that is too far with the current gas prices.

Unknown said...

The Sacramento show is definitely a message that needs to get out.

Mel2 said...

Well, craporama. How come all the cool, smart, liberal people skip Texas? Oh yeah, because it's TEXAS. (Argh.)

We did get Eddie Izzard, though, so I shouldn't complain.

Travel safely and do well.

L. Erskine said...

Ooh... I'm going to try to make one of those! (I'm in San Jose)

paddling_ghost said...

Am I the only person who thinks Johnny Steele looks a little like Jean Reno? Mmm?

(That's a good thing, by the way. It's a very good thing.)

Robert Gidley said...

Saw the Seattle show a couple of years ago, and it's definitely worth hocking your roommate's jewelery to catch. It's a sort of musical/stand-up/comic-strip/rant that's quite engaging.

My favorite part was the before-show talk.

Dan: I'm a Vegan
Audience member: You're from Vega?

dmbaer said...

Dan, is the Oakland show in the main theater? That place could swallow about 24 Purple Onions. Plus, are drinks availble? This is a *very* important factor in selecting a venue. :-)

Piraro said...

dmbaer...not sure if they serve drinks there or not. Do what I do and bring a flask. I'll have one onstage.

jeremy...I'm going to be in Portland sometime next year. No date scheduled yet, stay tuned.

everybody...I don't really book shows on my own, I wait until someone invites me to do an event. I used to tour but it is so much trouble you wouldn't even believe it. And you can really lose a lot of money. So I only do events and shows that are guaranteed and easy to travel to. SF is one of those places that invites me a lot and I get good crowds.

Kris Rao said...

Yaaaaay! A Bay Area Line up. I was actually hoping see one of the them during my next month visit to the States. I am flying on the 12th of September to San Francisco from Sydney. I should be able to drive (yes sadly, as there are no other forms of transport) with another Vegan buddy on the 13th for The Circus Show.

Keep on blogging.

Eponymous Drake said...

I will drag myself through sleet and hail to make it.

Anonymous said...

i was a little shocked by the usage of the n-word in the beginning of this post... i think that was out of line dan.

Anonymous said...

LOLz that website URL is funny.
There are many out there like that.

Read it as - "A bitch in space"

Oh send them all over there.

fido said...

as most of you may know my grandpa or as they say in freinch...pepere has a virgin ass..

now these san fran shows is their a method to their madness of several invites..we all know stories of san francisco..

village people said it best

L. Erskine said...

Oakland and SF are equal distances for me. Which venue/night would you suggest?

Can I bring my camera?

CB said...

Dear Mr. Piraro,
I am just an old lady who would like the meaning of some of the items you include in your comics. Please excuse my ignorance. I especially want to know what the "K2" stands for and also the meaning of and why you "hide" the pie slice, eyeball, alien ship, dynomite, bird, and rabbit. Thank you for your time and patience.