Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Day

Happy Birthday, Hanna!

My good friend Hanna in Seattle is 85 years old today and one of the coolest people I've ever known. And I've known a lot of cool people.

I first heard from Hanna some years ago when she wrote to tell me that she and a few friends were fans of my cartoon and enjoyed looking for the hidden icons. Her favorite was the Bunny of Exhuberance (the "h" is added to both set it apart from other exuberant bunnies and to add that extra arrogant sound when pronouncing it), and she wondered if she could have permission to use her computer to print out iron-on decals of the bunny for T-shirts for her friends and her to wear. She referred to them as the "Bizarro Bunny Bunch."

(The image above is from my trading card line, not her T-shirts)

I gave her permission and sent her some art for the purpose. I made her promise not to sell them unless she cut me in on the profits, assuring her that I am not above breaking an old lady's kneecaps.

When I was in Seattle for a comedy show a few years ago my wife and I stayed at her house. She was the perfect hostess, as you can imagine. Hanna has a razor wit, an indomitable spirit (and has overcome more than her share of hardships as proof) and is an inspiration to all who know her. The friends of hers that I have met are all younger than she, which says a lot about how cool she is. Hanna is a blast to hang out with at any age.

So happy birthday, dear Hanna. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you! I want to be like you when I grow up.

Okay, if I grow up.


disabled account said...

go hanna!!!

HollyBerry said...

happy birthday hanna!

and how nice are you for recognizing her birthday?

the answer: very!

and that cake looks DE-licious...

too bad it's just a digital cake.

fido said...

Congratulations on hannah turning most of you may know my grandpa or if you are french (pepere) possesses a virgin ass...

he is also 72....god bless both

derekamalo said...

dan man your even more of the man....boogie nights and magnolia are in my top 11 favorite movies all time....both well written...rounding out the flew over the cuckoos nest,midnight express, saturday night fever, blow, raising arizona, cool
hand luke , scarface,casino and the great escape

clem said...

the key to spotting Dan Piraro's non-Dave-itude is explained by James Rice in the commentary to the last page of today's Narbonic: Director's Cut. Dan was the ringer in a Spot the non-Dave challenge.

the challenge itself:

Penny Mitchell said...

Happy birthday, Hanna!

We all need Hannas in our lives.

Unknown said...

If I'm cursed enough to make it to that age, I can only hope I'm blessed enough to be fun and have young friends.

The double lining on the bunny is a neat technique, looks like a false afterimage that makes it pop out more. I don't know if its my glasses, or what, though, but it also makes it impossible for my eyes to feel focussed while looking at it.