Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Special Offer!

(Hey, boys and girls! Click the cartoon above and see how big it gets!)

If you've been dying to get this image on a T-shirt and simultaneously help out a worthy cause, here is your chance! A cool new company who gives the profits from this shirt to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and is ludicrously concerned with ethical manufacturing is offering it NOW. Yes, you read that correctly, N-O-W.


Here's how they describe their thing:
"Incredible ecogear makes the most earthfriendly tee shirt in the world. Made from 100% recycled fibres, the ecogear tee uses only organic inks or water based inks free of PVCs and pthalates.

In keeping with their corporate mantra of planet, people and animals, incredible ecogear is the first apparel brand to work directly with non profits and environmental groups by dedicating special tees to nominated groups."

Do it! You need the good karma.


HollyBerry said...

oh yay! finally! as soon as i get paid in a couple days, i'm snatching up one of these. i was waiting to see when you would be doing something like this because like you, i'm always down for supporting a good cause. kudos! and thanks!

Anonymous said...

These would sell better if you made it funny.

Matthew Chapman said...

Why is it when a cartoonist wants to portray humans in a negative light, they always choose a man?

Why didn't you draw this with a woman?

Piraro said...

Good question, Matthew, thanks. This comes up a lot in all kinds of media and art – negative traits are almost always assigned to white males. The reason is that for satire engenders sympathy for the victim, the point of the satire is lost. So the victim has to be a powerful subject capable of defending himself, like a politician, a celebrity, a white male. Minorities and the oppressed get ruled out in most cases. All humans are deserving of this cartoon, but males are by nature more destructive and by history more powerful, so they get the dubious honor of being portrayed in these situations.

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, Matthew.

B.A.D. said...

We just sent you guys (woodstock) two baby peeps! Hope you guys have a great thanksgiving and those little guys make themselves at home.

B.A.D. said...

Also, great explanation Dan.