Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chainsaw Massacre

Today's Bizarro is brought to you in spectacular Panavision.

As a person who has never in his life had the courage to introduce himself to a beautiful woman in a public place, all women might as well be carrying chainsaws. Thankfully, my wife has no such fears and started our first conversation.

Inexplicably, I have no qualms about speaking publicly or performing. But talking one-on-one to a stranger, especially with the intent of "hooking up," makes me more nervous than checking an angry stray dog for ticks.


Eric said...

Awesome panel! I share your trepidation completely. I can teach a course of 200 college sophomores but cannae make the first move with a woman to save my life. I should put that in the past tense though, having been married forever now. Anyway, my wife basically had to beat me over the head to get me to finally make a move.

PS We got our "The Escape" print today! It is SO gorgeous. Thanks for pointing to the Sun Flour site. The print will enrich our lives (and our living room) greatly.

Eric said...

Oh and I love the links to the illustrative images, that is SO right up my alley sir!

Eric said...

Whoops, screwed up the title of the print, obvi, "The Rescue" is much more apropos.