Saturday, May 24, 2008

Human Extinction

Here is a twenty-minute video by Mark Bittman, food critic for the NYTimes, best-selling cookbook author, and NOT a vegetarian. This is a presentation he made recently about the history of American eating and farming in the past hundred years, and how it relates to politics, health, and the extinction of the human race. It is smart, authoritative, not fanatical, utterly true and easily substantiated.

The info in this video will be in the news more in the coming years and major changes for all of us are ahead, whether we like it or not. Watch it now in an easy-to-digest manner so you'll know what's happening when the sh*t hits the fan.


James Morgan said...

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Chips and Salsa with Beans said...

Holy Cow! (pun intended)
That was very interesting. Thanks for the info.

Now if I could only get my kids to eat veggies. Hmmm...maybe if I cut them into the shape of goldfish?

HollyBerry said...

hey chips n salsa-- if you want your kids to eat veggies, don't offer any alternatives. when kids are hungry, they will eat regardless of what you put in front of them. it may take a while to get them into that habit, but that's how you get fat kids to start eating healthy-- if they know there is nothing else, they will eat what's in front of them.

but yea-- great video, man. the one thing that surprised me was the amount of meat we consume today in comparison to how much we used to! it's unbelievable.. and i also didn't really realize until he said it that the PRODUCTION of food animals comprised 1/3 of greenhouse gases, and that's not including the methane created by the animals themselves! crazy stuff.. his breakdown of the last 100 years was perfect and i always say that we should return to better times (as far as agriculture goes). i'm so stunned that even with today's technologies, we pump out more and more chemicals onto the land JUST BECAUSE we don't want to invest the time and money to convert to cleaner means. sad sad sad...

Chips and Salsa with Beans said...

Thanks for the tip Shortcake.
Oh, and for the beans aren't fat ;). They may have clogged colons but they are definitely not fat. Just kidding. They don't eat meat either.

Jezzka said...

ah yes, the minimalist, he has great little cooking vids on the NYT site.

Unknown said...

That's how you become a good parent. Twist your kid's arm until they cry then yell at them and tell 'em to eat the worst tasting stuff they can imagine.

Rather than forcing our children to eat veggies that taste horrible, why don't we find ways to make them taste good while keeping them healthy?

My father tried forcing me to eat steamed carrots once. He kept re-serving me that plate for 10 days. So, I didn't eat anything for 10 days and they got moldy. No, I didn't sneak any other food (we didn't HAVE any other food) and I'd be dead before I was hungry enough to eat a carrot. Same goes for peas, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, onion and radishes, among others.

I respect vegetarians and vegans, and I applaud that lifestyle, but I don't think it's possible (or probable) for people like me to eat that stuff primarily unless they can be made to taste a whole lot better.

B.A.D. said...

Great video.

jeremiah I would recommend you check out your local library or perhaps purchase your very own vegan cookbook to learn some kick ass and tasty ways to eat healthier. Isa Chandra has some amazing titles that are sure to please whether it's Veganomicon or Vegan with a Vengeance you'll see cooking in a whole new light. (Not that vegan cupcakes take over the world isn't the greatest cookbook on my shelves, but if your goal is healthier living than a book devoted to vegan sweets is not your best ticket)