Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coast Hopping

Today's Bizarro (title panel at left, full cartoon below) is brought to you two days late by Jet Lag Industries. "Stay in bed until noon. You deserve it!"

Haven't posted in several days because I've been out in Californy since Friday and I just got back late last night. The comedy show at The Rio in Santa Cruz on Friday night went wonderfully–good show, met a lot of nice folks in the lobby, sold some books and trading cards, no casualties and very little collateral damage. Saturday, I lept out of bed at dawn, drove to San Jose, flew to Los Angeles, then drove up to Encino to MC the main stage at an all-day festival in a park. By the end of the day I was beat.

But somehow I made it to Sunday and took the day off. Slept late, had brunch at Real Food Daily, walked and rode bikes up and down the beach with CHNW and a friend of ours, took a nap, then had dinner at Madeleine Bistro, one of our favorite restaurants in the country. Lovely weather, lovely company, lovely weekend.

Monday was spent in airports and airline seats, so let's not talk about it.

This cartoon is based on my own experiences in a band many years ago, and the many musicians I have met since. Like all areas of the popular arts, most talented musicians must grovel to make ends meet as they watch wave after wave of mediocre talents make millions because they had the right look, the right agent, an uncle in the Mafia, etc. Many are magnanimous, but surely some are bitter enough to have written a song like this one.

The guitar in this cartoon is my own Gibson ES-137, which I love more than my own son. (All right, I don't have a son, but I like the guitar a lot.)

Click on the cartoon for an enlarged version. Click on the blue words for a humorous experience.


Jeremy said...

Real Food Daily looks like a great place to eat. The only vegetarian places here in Eugene/Springfield Oregon are Indian based and don't have much variety (Curry wreaks havoc on my intestines). I can't wait until vegetarianism is wide-spread enough for restaurants like that to be common-place. Even when I got to a Chinese restaurant or go to Subway and get a vegetarian sandwich, I know they are handling meat with the same hands on the same surfaces.

Jhay Phoenix said...

The panel at the bottom is my first good laugh for the day, that's a good one.

munchy365 said...

that one at the bottom is great.