Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It was a big weekend for CHNW and me. We attended two events for animal issues, both of which were stinking to high heaven with celebs. One was the yearly fund-raising gala for Farm Sanctuary, whom CHNW and I have supported for many years. (Not to be confused with Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, on whose board we sit. Same mission, different locations.)

The other event was a book party for a terrific new book about how we treat animals as a society. The nice thing about this book is that it presents and entertaining, pop-culture look at issues that are normally difficult to deal with, so most people never learn about. Give it a try.

Here are some pictorial highlights from the fun and freakiness.

Here I am with the beautiful and brilliant Emily Deschanel, star of Bones on TNT. I get to meet a lot of very cool folks through the animal rights movement that I would normally not have a chance to. A nice fringe benefit of a good cause.

Emily is quite a bit taller than I and was gracious enough to get on her knees for this shot.

I'm so excited to see my old friend, Dennis Kucinich, the most interesting politician in Washington. (photo by Derek Goodwin)

He was happy to see me, too, and posed with me and my Crazy Half-Nekked Wife, Ashley, who was fully dressed for the occasion.

The keener observers among you will notice that CHNW died her hair bright pink last week. I told you she was crazy.

Here I am with Susie Essman, best known for her hilarious portrayal of an incredible bitch on Curb Your Enthusiasm. In person, a total sweetheart.

I was thrilled to see one of my longtime favorites, Swoosie Kurtz. Her role as an eye-patched nutbag on ABC's Pushing Daisies is classic. She's been working in TV and film almost non-stop since the 60s.

These fabulous femmes are Rory Freedman, author of the NYTimes Best-Seller, Skinny Bitch, and Heather Mills. Don't believe the nonsense you read in the papers about Heather, she's a peach and a tireless activist for the downtrodden. And don't believe the rumors about Rory not being totally in love with me.

Who doesn't love Kevin Nealon? He's smart and funny, which is two of the top three things I look for in a person. (The third being an outstretched hand with cash.) He is angry in this photo because I wouldn't let him have my dessert from Vegan Treats.

Persia White, of TV's Girlfriends, is a regular at all the animal rights events I've ever attended. She even remembers our names and says hi to us!

I caught and photographed CHNW attacking former Duke of Hazzard John Schneider, in case I need it in court.

In retaliation, I attacked him too.
Take that, CHNW!


Craig Zablo said...

Dude, that Dukes guy looks happier in the picture with you... not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Dude, John Schneider is veg??!???!


Rebecca C. Brown said...

Dude! Dennis Kucinich! I love his guts! We peace-mongering vegans need to stick together.

Jezzka said...

DUDE!! dukes of hazard, i remember that show. the dark haired one was the one i had the crush on. i think it was because he was the more serious one. uptight, that's hot.

these photos are great, still laughing as i write this comment...

Dan the deal man said...
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Dan the deal man said...

"3 thighs" bizarro 11:11

someones heads in the gutter

HollyBerry said...

what a great collection of pictures! and the one with kevin nealon? five. thumbs. up. he's my absolute favorite. and kudos on CHNW's hair- she's cute as a button! (because for some reason buttons are cute..)

GAlcidesS said...

Wow! Emily Deschanel!