Sunday, May 25, 2008

Catman Snores Again

Today's Bizarro is made possible by a generous grant from the Dan Piraro Memorial Not-Yet-Dead Fund.

This cartoon is a bit more complex than my usual one-frame panel, so you'll want to click on the image to enlarge it for a better view. I intentionally added the dot screen to the header panel to resemble an old comic book. Now that I look at it , I should have added it to the whole comic.

Sometimes I am a doofus.


threadedpaint said...

As a cat owner/lover, and a big fan of yours, this made me chuckle for a whole 15 minutes. So true, and so cutely drawn and executed!

Karl said...

It looks to me like Catman got himself a little too heavy into the catnip last night.

jessica.celion said...

that catman is great

jasmine celion

Alex Noriega said...