Thursday, November 19, 2009


Thanks to everyone for playing my goofy little game. Hope you had fun.

This week's winners are:

1. Dan Pierson (5 packs of Bizarro Trading Cards!)
2. Brain Gac (2 packs)
3. Luis (2 packs)

I'll be sending each of you an email to tell you how to collect your dandy prizes. Below is a list of correct answers, if you're the sort to compare. Click it to magnify.

A quick shout out to Britt S., who was the first entry but had ONE answer wrong. DANG! Sorry, Britt, you're a winner in my heart and mind.


monsterzero said...


Britt Sparks said...

Thanks! Maybe next time. But you did make my week and my own blog post. Appreciate the shout out!