Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baked Babe

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Today's Bizarro is brought to you by Ritual Mutilation Services of Omaha.

This gag came from my friend and occasional writing partner, Phil Witte. He's a super-dandy dude with fun ideas and I like using his stuff. In this case, I completely forgot to give him the typical by-line under my signature like I have in the past. Props and apologies to Phil are in order.

I don't mean to be critical of piercings, I have two myself (an earring in each ear), and people have been doing this sort of thing all over the world for millennia. The extent to which many modern-day urban white kids do it is a little alarming, which is undoubtedly part of the point.

I, too, enjoyed being outrageous as a youngster. I died my hair blue, cut it short when everyone else in Oklahoma had it long, wore two earrings when doing so could result in fistmarks about your face and torso by Tulsa's numerous homophobics. I once even threaded one of those red Twizzlers up one nostril and out the other, with an end sticking out of each nasal port, and wore it that way for a few days until I got tired of the taste dripping down my throat. I haven't been able to stand Twizzlers since–in my nose or any other orifice.

So I'm tolerant of people who want to stand out in odd ways. Some just enjoy being different for their own unique reasons, some crave being the center of attention, some, like I did when I was a kid (and still do to some extent), like to challenge people's prejudices.

And some just like the taste of Twizzlers.


Allys said...

Oh so true, my and my friends would plan strange events, like dressing up as imaginary creatures in school. can remember the looks my friend got for dressing up like a unicorn..horn and all( well, just the horn) but it was really fun that day, for the rest of the year we were ridiculed as a cult and stuff. But man, was it fun to play with those peoples heads. School children can be so ignorant sometimes

L. Erskine said...

I've never thought about my piercings or tattoos as being something that make me different. The first time I dyed my hair blue, I did it because I wanted to... it was only afterward that I realized that other people would be looking at me.

I find it interesting that the lower rate of pay a job has the more likely it is that uniqueness is not tolerated (even at Jamba Juice, whose slogan is "Celebrate Diversity"). While working in the tech industry, I've never experienced any issues in that regard but post 9-11 when I couldn't find work, my tiny nose stud was small ear tattoos were a job ending issue at Jamba Juice (they wanted me to wear bandaids but I'm allergic to latex and latex free bandaids weren't easy to find then) and a total block from getting hired at Starbucks.

Penny Mitchell said...

The post-graduate program I'm working towards will not allow my nose stud or rook piercing. The tattoo on my arm can be covered.

I call foul.

munchy365 said...
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munchy365 said...

I like how there's an eye on the guy's shorts, and a stick of dynamite in the corner... Did anyone else notice that?

Jezzka said...

post twizzler nasal drip. ugh. d, that is just disgusting.

i do not even want to imagine how you got that out of your nose and what it must have looked like. ewww, i can't stop the imagery!!

Elena said...

With a friend we had the idea of getting earings like the boy in the "little alarming" link has in his ears, but in our cheeks(don't know how they're called in english)...but then we thought taht if we did so we wouldn't be abble to suck (like a straw) so we thought we might put a glass in it...they would be like cute little mirrors to your food processing!
I also have a piercing in the left corner of my lower lip. I don't think I did it for atention (maybe I did so unconsciously) but because I think it is beautiful, and a way to garment oneself. Just like I think that tatoos are a way of art.

On another matter, the other day i saw a redheaded boy walk by and i remembered the Tricarrotops cartoon, and I understood why it says "have you seen my props". So don't be ashamed to do pun jokes...they make stupid people like me think!!!!

Hugs and kisses (don't really like the XOXO code)

doug nicodemus said...

hardly anyone is au naturale. most of us cut our hair and sometimes in some not obvious its more where do you draw the line. me i am NOT into piercing and no tatoos.

heh dan could you run another cartoon that didn't make the papers.?? i think they are really funny.

isee3dtoo said...

I really loved the artwork of this comic. I also laughed, too bad you didn't wait till Thanksgiving Weekend to print it.

HollyBerry said...

twizzlers are my favorite candy... and coincidentally contain the least amount of calories among my other favorite candies.

i have no idea why i wanted holes in my ears at the age of 6, but i apparently begged my mom enough to let me do it. i guess that was the first step of the many that led to my "alternative" lifestyle. some of my decisions were poorly made with others' opinions in mind, but i think it's only a learning experience when you realize appearances are just that, and do not change who you are as a person (unless you allow yourself to get caught up into that junk). and i think it's sad that companies hire you based on your appearance, as if it had anything to do with your actual abilities as an employee. i've been in radio for about 5 years and because of it, i have allowed my appearance to become somewhat second-hand (i DO shop at thrift stores..), but that's what i'm confortable with. i am currently looking for a "real" job and worry about their accepting of my dreadlocks and gauged earlobes. i have an interview with meals-on-wheels here in cincinnati and am SOO excited to work for a charity.. but i don't want them to base their professional opinion on the way i appear. my having dreads has nothing to do with my interpersonal and computer skills. i just have to cover up my tattoos... oh wish me luck.

L. Erskine said...

Good luck with that. I have wanted dreads (the super tiny tight kind) for a decade now and haven't gotten them because I was concerned about finding work with them. The piercings/colored hair don't seem to bother people in the tech industry but dreads have the inaccurate association of dirtiness with them.