Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bike to Work

I'm told today is Bike To Work Day. I'm an avid cyclist and ride several times each week around my 'hood of Brooklyn, NY. I live in a two-story apartment with my bedroom downstairs and my work space upstairs. I thought about riding to work today but was daunted by the stairs. (Right, me and my Pedersen)

Riding a bike is good for your health, for the environment, for traffic reduction, for everything. Do it regularly for short errands, going to work, hitting the pool hall, anything where you don't have to carry a whole lot of stuff with you. You'll be glad you did. If you have to drag your kids around with you everywhere, get them a trailer or teach them to ride. If you're worried about getting hit by a car, get a shovel and some asphalt and build bike trails all over your town. If you're worried about getting wet when it rains, build a giant transparent bubble around your bike.

With good old-fashioned American ingenuity, we can do this.

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Charlotte said...

American ingenuity and the ability to get down to work is what we need to get us out of our many challenges (which you mentioned). Good thing we already have the skills we need!

I still have faith in America. We can do this.