Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Self-Loathing Baboon Photo

Bizarro is brought to you today by Vacation Surprises.

Here are three jokes I really like; two new ones and one from 1998.

The basic idea for the baboon joke was sent to me by a reader. I really wish I'd thought of it. So perfect. My wife, CHNW, had heart surgery when she was 20 because one of her valves had been eaten away by a random infection. She needed to have the valve replaced and was offered either a mechanical one or a pig's valve. As regular readers know, she's an avid animal rights activist so you can imagine her response to the pig valve. She got a mechanical one, of course, and now ticks like a clock. When it's really quiet, you can actually hear it.

"Whack-A-Mirror" is based on the popular "Whack-A-Mole" arcade game. I love the self-loathing aspect. Not sure why, I guess because I hate myself sometimes. Don't we all? Please tell me you hate yourself sometimes, I don't want to be the only one. That would give me more reason to hate myself.

This final gag from the archives of Bizarro International Headquaters is a longtime fave of mine. I've seen a few takes on the "I can take that for you if you'd like to be in it" phenomenon, but this is among my favorites. In those days, I used to draw TONS of background on almost every cartoon. I do less of that now because I already work too many hours and the joke is the same either way. Even still, I draw more backgrounds than 99% of cartoonists, so I don't feel so bad. No mirror-whacking for me today.


rob said...

Okay, fine. I loath myself too. Often.

Binky said...

I'm sure there are a lot of baboons out there who are more deserving of the heart than some humans.

Jan said...

I was upset when the KC Star stopped carrying your strip, but now I'm glad. Because it forced me to read your blog to get my Bizarro fix for the day -- and the blog is even better than just the strip! Praise Cheeses!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hate myself so many, many times. Like right now- thank you for reminding me! It's alright... hahahaa (It as in -I am not right to do so- but this is my attempt at make it alright!!)

Alright, going to go read some more of your comics to make me laugh. :)
Mary Ann