Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ant Vamps

Bizarro is brought to you today by Wrong Babysitter.

This is the second ant cartoon I've done in the past couple of weeks. A friend of mine said, "Do an ant cartoon," and I started thinking about it. Maybe I'll come up with more, dunno.

While researching pictures of ants online, I saw these ones with the big scary jaws and that's what gave me the idea of adding vampire fangs. Not very scary.

Today's dusty mummy cartoon from the archive is from 1998. For those of you who are familiar with the laws of perspective, you'll enjoy this view from the advanced principles course.

Finally, I'm on my way to the San Francisco Bay Area for a couple of appearances (I'll be at the Schulz Museum Saturday from 1pm to 4:30pm) so I won't be posting again until next Tuesday, Sept 14. Hope to see you then.

By the way, I'll be doing a short comedy set and singing an original song at a dandy variety show in NYC on Sunday, Sept 19th. If you're in the area, drop by, golldernit. Famed cartoonist from The New Yorker, Matthew Diffee, will be backing me up on banjo. For reals.

The Steam Powered Hour
Sept 19th, 7 pm
at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe
236 East 3rd St.
between Ave B and C

Tickets haven't gone on sale yet, I'll announce it again next week with a link.
Have a great weekend.



Bonnie Marshall said...

This is not about Ants. It's about Cheese. I have enjoyed your comics very much, but felt your depiction of the blocks of cheese, with ties, and saying what they said, was very CLEVER, but is not repectful of our our Savior Jesus Christ and those who believe in Him.


Christina said...

I loved the Cheese and feel that Jesus, if what I've read about Him is accurate, has no ego and after what He's been through finds this kind of thing very amusing.

MacEsteban said...

hey Dan, why do you keep posting pictures of my wife throughout your blogs????

Stacy said...

I find that art perspective cartoon way more funny and clever than it is, I'm sure.

ojeano said...

Bonnie: (and Dan, if I may,) it was not about Jesus, it was about cheesy evangelicals, not to be confused with non-cheesy evangelicals.

Ryan A. said...

I hope bonnie was being sarcastic.