Monday, September 20, 2010

Radar Nudity

Bizarro is brought to you today by Naked Hikers.

I'm not sure how I feel about this air traffic control cartoon. It's completely unrealistic, of course, the dude at the radar would know that something was wrong long before it got to this point. But I suppose the visual is sort of fun, the big dot on the screen then the big dot on the plane's nose. Whatever. A cartoon-a-day for over 25 years, they can't all be classics.

This Adam and Eve cartoon from 2000 is a bit more fun, I believe. When I was a kid being indoctrinated by nuns in Catholic school, I noticed that all of the pictures of Adam and Eve "before the fall" had expertly-placed leaves to hide their naughty bits.

By the time I was eight years old I could see that nothing about that story made any sense but I wasn't confident enough to dispute it publicly until many years later. It's amazing the power that early programming has over a person. You can convince a small child of absolutely anything and it will follow them for life like the genital-hiding foliage of the Old Testament. If people weren't told about god until they were adults, religions of any kind would have almost no power. Imagine trying to talk an adult who did not already believe in an invisible magic guy in the sky that flying a plane into a building would be a good idea.



Alice Kottmyer said...

I always thought that the foliage on Eve was a waste, since they never covered her boobs and she never seemed to have any pubic hair. I guess the hair came with the Fall, along with bad breath and BO?

Plan 9 Studios said...

Just curious if you were inundated by accusations from touchy readers for depicting a plane crash in your comic so close to the 9-11 date?

Not that it bothers me, I just know some people freak out over the dumbest things and I bet you're frequently at the brunt of it.

On a completely unrelated note, how DARE you not capitalize the word "God" in your blog post. He is your Lord and savior and will come again to judge the living and the dead (the living first, since the dead are slower). If you end up spending eternity in Hell because you offended God, who loves you unconditionally until you pull crap like this, it'll be your own fault.

Tegin said...

that final sentence (Imagine trying to talk an adult who did not already believe in an invisible magic guy in the sky that flying a plane into a building would be a good idea.) is good enough for a T-shirt (if you start selling them you must give me a free one, include an autograph if possible :P )

Paul and Janene said...

My wife and I decided not to raise our children with any religion in mind. We celebrate the major Xian holidays simply because the kids like candy and toys, but JC and his dad are never mentioned.

It was pretty funny taking one of them to a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. My six year old saw a copy of the Last Supper and saying "Who's that?" My sterile summary for a six year old's mental digestion: "Just some guy that a lot of people think is important. He had a lot of good ideas about how people should live."

Christina said...

I have a t-shirt my brother made up:

My invisible man in the sky can beat up your invisible man in the sky.

DaveinT.O. said...

Jesus loves you- go to the church of your choice, and wait.