Thursday, September 16, 2010

Money Ass Hat

Bizarro is brought to you today by Missing Relief.

Gosh, I've missed you. I meant to post some cartoons yesterday but got swept up into the UFO of responsibility and was anally probed late into the night. But here I am today, perched on a foam rubber doughnut.

If anyone enjoys meaningless historical research, see if you can find out where the cliche bag full of money with a dollar sign on the outside came from. I'm guessing it was invented for a cartoon of some sort, but you never know. Perhaps it was a standard in vaudeville or maybe banks really did put money in those kind of bags to keep them from being confused with laundry.

I also wonder if anyone has ever shown up to rob a bank and forgotten to bring anything to put the money in. What if the teller runs all over the place and can't find anything appropriate? Meanwhile, the robber waits at the window threatening to shoot him/her but knows that's not going to speed up the process. Then the police arrive and the forgetful robber is busted. Another great reason to bring your canvas shopping bags with you each time you leave the house, folks.

This big hat cartoon makes me smile, but I'm afraid the sign is a little confusing. I meant for it be say that backpacks as well as hats larger than 10 gallons are to be checked at the door, but you could read it to mean that backpacks larger than ten gallons as well as hats larger than ten gallons... which is screwy. Oh well, no point in over thinking it now.

Today's offering from the Cartoon Time Machine is an old favorite of a number of readers – presumably those who do not like their boss. It's always fun to find a way to make a point that would otherwise be rejected by newspaper editors; in this case calling the boss a horse's ass.

More tomorrow, or, if the UFO comes back, on Saturday.



patrick said...

Regarding the bank robbing comic, I was expecting a line something like "I don't care if the bag is paper or plastic!". I don't know if you have Rabobanks on the east coast, but there are quite a few of them out west and every time one of them gets robbed, the local comment boards light up with comments about their name. (They are a Dutch company, and apparently the name doesn't have the same connotation in the homeland.)

ojeano said...

Because of the ampersand it makes sense that the sign refers to backpacks AND hats... I can't read it any other way. Now I'm the one overthinking it.

I love the horses asses cartoon a lot and it reminds me of this riddle, written in some dialect: "vy is der zo minny more orses assez den der is orses?"

And as for the dollar signs on the money bags, I'm voting for the origin being in the cartoon genre, possibly made popular by silent film, but I just made that up.

Mike said...

Dan, your cartoon about the boss completely cracked me up!!! It is my boss to a TEE!!!! I would love to have a poster of this, frame it and hang it above my desk at work. Of course, then I probably wouldn't work there any more, but it might be worth it!!

Lawyer Dave said...

I once worked on an actual criminal case where a guy walked into a motel and asked the desk clerk for a pen and a piece of paper. When he got the pen and paper, he walked a few steps away and wrote something down. Then he came back and asked for a bag. When the clerk gave him the bag, he pushed the bag back at her, along with a note -- which he had just written on hotel stationery -- saying, "Put all your money in the bag. Be quite." (Yes, he said "quite," not "quiet.") So, I guess sometimes robbers do forget to bring their own bags.