Thursday, July 22, 2010

We're Zombies Now

Here's a bit of fun from my friend, dc roberts. I sent him the photo at left of CHNW and me and he converted it into an animated zombie portrait that plays on a digital picture frame. Beleive me when I say it's the coolest, daddio.

To see what he did and find out how you can get him to do it to you, go to his page and click on the cartoon drawing that most resembles the image here. You'll be glad you burned the .005 calories it took to click that link!

CHNW and Piraro as zombies...



innerlighter said...

...and I thought Rick Ocasek had it made!?!
Well done sir. Well done.

Sean said...

I dig the zombie portraits, but I'm also digging the CHNW's tattoos. Did you draw them & can we see more?