Friday, July 2, 2010

Bizarro iPhone App!!

Four quick facts about the Bizarro iPhone app:

1. Live content each day. What common peasants see in the newspaper today, super-high-tech coolios like you will see on your phone.

2. A year's worth of searchable archive at any given moment.

3. Only $1.99 per year. (That's all?! Are you freakin' kidding me?!) No, I am not.

4. Has magical ability to improve your sex life. *

5. The homepage is really long. Click on that picture I put here and measure it. Long.

Spread the word, spread the love, keep your poison ivy to yourself.
Your pal,
Dan Piraro

*depends on individual level of faith


Anonymous said...

Obligatory Android App request!

Marcello said...

The app is great, but it has one major problem: it crashes a lot. Specifically, if you read through a bunch of comics (say a couple months worth), it inevitably crashes. And when you bring the app back up, it doesn't remember where you were (adding to the frustration).

So if one thing were fixed, I would choose that.

If a second thing were added, it would be great to see ipad support (with higher resolution comics?).

And last of all, sunday comics would be great, but that's probably pushing it. ;-D I certainly would pay more for the extra stuff.

But please fix the crashing!

david Roberts said...

this is the ONLY reason to own an iPhone.

Unknown said...

Again I'll put in a vote for an android app for those of us who don't think turtle neck sweaters are the number 1 fasion statement. :-)
If you want my hard earned 1.99 then show the Droid some love.
Posted from my nexus one.


Piraro said...

Thanks for the Android requests, I'd like to see that, too. I don't bankroll these efforts so I have no control over that. If the iPhone app does well, it will be extended to other platforms.
As far as the crashing goes, I don't control that, either. I've been told that the latest updates have solved that but I have no way to check that.All I know is that it works well on my phone, but then I don't try to view dozens of comics on end, so I can't really say. Be sure to download the latest updates, I hope it helps!