Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Teal

Today's Bizarro is brought to you by Ghostbusters.

This is a simple visual pun switch-a-roony gag that refers to the NFL team from Jacksonville. For the unsporty, they're called the Jacksonville Jaguars and their colors are teal and something.

This is one of the only times you'll see the color teal featured so prominently in Bizarro as it is one of my least favorite colors in the world. This is distinct from the color I call turquoise, which has more blue in it and is a terrific color. The color I hate is the one with more green, the one that appeared on tons of new cars back in the late 80s or 90s, and is still used for clothing and such. Blech.

The 1960s Jaguar XKE, however, are one of my favorite sports cars ever, not that I'm some kind of a sports car junky who drives around in a $100K car. I ride a 1980 Vespa scooter and don't own a car (nor can I afford a classic Jaguar) but I'm not unable to appreciate beautiful design.

I thought I might hear from some football fans when this was published, but instead I got a number of emails from Jaguar clubs who wanted to share this cartoon with their membership in newsletters and web sites and such.

What are your favorite sports cars and least favorite colors?


Anonymous said...

I clicked on to secret portal

Today's Bizarro Bedrock, LMFAO

Anonymous said...

favourite car: 1960s shelby cobra 427

least favourite colour: putrescent yellow

im a football fan and obsessed with cars.

love today's cartoon!

Karl said...

I first thought it was Mr. Potato Head wearing the costume and couldn’t get the connection. Why is Mr Potato Head wearing a Jaquar? Then I realized it’s the fact that I’m suffering from the worst flu bug I’ve had in years and can’t process graphics properly. It's bad when you couldn’t tell the difference between a football and a potato. Maybe why I never tried out for high school football. The cartoon is actually a funny play on words. Now if I can only distinguish between Teal and Turquoise I’ll be back on the road to recovery. They look the same to me; like some sort light blue with green added or is it some kind of green with darker blue added? My headache isn’t getting any better.

Anonymous said...

I'm not unable to appreciate beautiful design.

I knew I was going to see a photo of a beautiful woman even before I clicked on the link.

Unknown said...

Just something interesting: the color teal comes from the duck of the same name - the Common Teal. Neat bird. bad color!

Unknown said...

Sorry-we get the NAME of the color from this duck-we don't squeeze these guys into paint tubes.

Anonymous said...

hm i think the turquoise link you have is more cyan than turquoise...

i don't really have a least favorite color, but i hate the combination of purple and yellow.

Writer said...

Does the MG count as a sports car?

Anonymous said...

You would have to thank the SJ Sharks for the teal color fad.

Car: mid 60's Morgan but would take a Vanquish if offered.

But for the "...beautiful design..." you should have had the link to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Unknown said...

68 Camaro SS, Dana pkg.

1973 Malibu Mint green. It fades out to look like a booger.

This is the Selma Hayek Picture that I like best!

derekamalo said...

1985 ferrari mondial convertible...i have a friend who owns one in ct and another frend of mine i graduated with her and her husband have a 1991 ferrari 308 cool shit man

my dad actually kept a car for years to beat on it was a 1972 plymouth valiant and had it til late 90's and the thing was impossible to kill.

this was actually a car used to embarass us when we acted up wed get dropped off in school in this piece of shit

my brother had a pontiac trans am formula 350 ...he got a speeding tickket my dad made him drive the valiant or take a bus to school hahaha

that was one of first questions i had asked you.. you had cartoon that had said thy hunk of junk plymouth in a valiant ..lol

of course my dads 420 sel was main car

best car ive ever seen anyone own ...1992 nissan sentra .. sister had it tiil 2005 never a problem crazy ...256,000 miles

favorite sport baseball, favorie football team im from new england and loved seeing the giants beat them in superbowl ...screw patriots im a colts fan

Anonymous said...

teal... just the sound of it makes my skin itch. i'll even take industrial baby shite yellow over teal.

i'm a fan of the classics: the triumph tr2 for the romance and the bmw 2002 rally because i grew up touring europe in one.

Jeremy Pair said...

I like the Jags' unis (that's what people intimate with sports casually refer to as uniforms--"unis"). The uniform almost looks like a European sports team. Although, the Jaguars have an alternate uniform that is all black which is nice. My brother had a teal truck and at one time a teal car which is not nice. I think the modern day version of that color is the orange/copper/rust color. I think one day some "leap-of-the-imagination" cartoonist will hate that color too.

doug nicodemus said...

any jaguar and chartruse

Dave Stratton said...

I just bought a classic red XKE and had it painted teal.

Actually, I'm fond of the Lambo Gallardo.

Hate Pepto pink.

Jeremy said...

I would like to comment on the impossibilities of the pose this character is in. He appears to be a man in a suit, but it he really is a large football I apologize.

How could someone's arms sprout nearly level with their eyes?!?

birdfeed said...

I can't pick a favorite car, but my least favorite color is soft pink.
I love fuscia but I can't stand the light pink "valentine's" color.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dan, since you are an atheist, I can assume that "beautiful design" refers to the dress and not to Salma, right?