Sunday, March 29, 2009

Veggy Thugs

(Internets expert hint of the day: You can enlargify this drawing by clickinating it!)

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My apologies to regular readers of this blog for missing the last couple of days. I've been as busy as Rush Limbaugh at an all-you-eat Jackass Buffet.

I like this cartoon a lot and I thought of it all by myself. I was watching a video of Mr. Pumpkinhead incarnate jumping up and down at the '09 CPAC convention and it came to me in a blinding flash. It also marks the first time in Bizarro's 25 year history (to the best of my recollection) that I have used the word "renege," in a cartoon. I also always enjoy drawing lighting effects like the cliche single-bulb-interrogation-in-a-dark-basement scheme. So all in all, it was a fun cartoon to draw and I still like it weeks later.

I have hopes that you, too, will find it amusing. Thanks for reading, you're very sweet.

P.S. Here's the header panel that went with it. It was created from a photo of myself at about 1 year of age, which I have used numerous times in different ways for other header panels. My apologies to my mother.


Anonymous said...

The adult "veggie tales" minus all the religious crap. I very much enjoyed this cartoon!

Karl said...


I think a little of the credit should go to the big bloated blimp (of the very conservative nature) who invokes a negative emotional response in you, resulting in a positively funny cartoon.

Here’s what else I see (or imagine) happening here. Mr. Spud Cranium (representing the average American wage earner/borrower) is feeling the pain inflicted by the big bad banks (Mr. Pumpkin Head and his heavy hammerer) who seize hard earned workers salaries plus taxpayers dollars and do nothing more than fatten themselves up. Whoa; maybe I reading a little too much into this.

Nevertheless, I’ll never look at a Jack-O’Lantern in the same light.

Artillery MKV said...

A 'Jack 'em up Lantern!'

Unknown said...

Cartoon funny- Check.
Cartoonist didn't employ any help in writing it- Check.
Art looks good- Check.

Results: Nothing to troll about, and the quietest comments section in weeks.

fido's pepere had sex said...

lmao robert

doug nicodemus said...

pretty funny hahaha

Scott Nichols said...

A leg instead of a nose would have been funnier - imho.

Unknown said...

Apologies accepted, but I hope you will post a "HERO-Sized" biggie of the Captain America panel in the near future. I was Soooooo looking forward to it.

Love your has the distinction of being the only one I read regularly. Thanks for all!!

Not Anonymous said...

Shut up, Robert. No one cares what you think.