Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bird Envy

Bizarro is brought to you today by Extremely Young Morticians.

Here is another gag submitted by my strange friend, Derek. I changed it a tiny bit, not much, and I think it is his best yest. There have been many cartoon versions of the "Wrong brothers" before, but this one is fresh and simple, in my opinion. It makes me chuckle.

I admit that I didn't research Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. For all I know there are no bluffs within twenty miles, it's as flat as a pancake and that's why the Wright brothers chose it. Nothing to run into.

If the Wright brothers could see what today's flight industry has become, they would be astounded by how badly I was treated by Delta two weeks ago when they stranded me for a day in Atlanta, then left my luggage outside in the rain overnight. This was NOT what Orville and Wilbur had in mind.


derekamalo said...

i must say this was a case where dan was being modest the whole bottom part was dans idea and i liked it even better ...mine was just wrong brothers that is

Anonymous said...

Where did you dig up that cookbook by Angela Merkel?

Anonymous said...

You got a lot of nerve saying you don't believe in god. God has a plan for all of us and he made you a very successful man. The man who beat out a 1 in 6000 chance to make people laugh on a daily basis. The man who makes a great living and only has to work three days a moth and can get out of bed when he wants. I'm tired of you whining over the stupidest of things

sadly :(

I've been coming to your blog and its become shall i say nothing more than a store for your artwork. Jobs are being lost left and right and people setting records at food kitchens.

When people don't work, lawyers don't make money and these mysterious lawyers who buy your art work are no more than ploys to convince others to do so.

I'm sorry Dan but feeding my family or buying your work.

You should be a much happier man Dan and be happy with what you have.

Anonymous said...

Man, This blog has been abandoned.

Karl said...


Maybe I'm missing something, but it just seems that many of the comments recently, are really getting edgy. Is there a point to it? I mean, are there disgruntled cartoonists oozing negative ectoplasm on the walls. Honestly it's kind of a downer. I come here to get a smile or sometimes a laugh (if I'm lucky), but it turns into political or religious battlefield.

I completely believe in freedom of speech but if you want to get worked up and all angry, there are better places to do so. Try (I joined it a while back) there's plenty of articles you can rant and rave about or even write your own. BTW this is not an endorsement of the site, just recommending from my experience, and it can get nasty. Fortunately they have a Code of Honor (CoH).

I'm just asking why can't you bring something positive here and enjoy yourself? There's enough bad stuff with the economy and all going on. Try having some fun for a change.

Sorry, I don't want to sound preachy or scolding, and it's not my place to make comments like this, but I'd just like to see some respect. If you want to make fun of me or insult me, fine, I can take it, but try doing it in a humorous manner. Whether you consider it simply advertising artwork or not, I think we're pretty lucky to have this blog to visit and comment on.

That will be all; class dismissed.(Take a deep breath;it's only, humor)

Jeremy said...


Honestly I think it is because Dan will more often respond to the negative shyte than positive "I like your 'toon!" comments. I have noticed it in myself so it may be the same for others. Maybe it's an attention getting tactic. Maybe I just need to get a life or go to a forum more suited to my needs.

Anonymous said...

I laughed.

Actually, Kitty Hawk is on the fabulous Outer Banks and is very dune-y and windy.

The biggest bluff is Jockey's Ridge, a massive dune (people hang glide there).

Karl said...


Well, I personally don't know what makes Dan or anyone else here respond, so you may very well be right that negative crap works. However, I don't know what the benefit is and do you really want a response just because of a negative remark? I'm not really following this logic. However, if you are getting a result, then it must be working.

My opinion is; it doesn't really matter if a response is given, because I don't have a personal relationship with anyone here. Having said that, if I really enjoy a cartoon I would like to compliment him on it. However, I'm not really good at passing out kudos.

I'm happy just commenting on the toons and saying some kind of silly (possibly embarrassing but non-incriminating) remark.

And thanks, I appreciate the response, and look; you didn't even have to get nasty with me. Now if you can only get it to work on Dan(that was a joke).

Karl(that's what the K stands for)

Chriss Pagani said...

Hey, I'm a disgruntled cartoonist and I never pick on Dan. He's kind of my hero. :) It's like a zillion times harder to do what he does than you might ever imagine. But that aside....

For those who want cartoon with a religious patina, read Family Circus. I dare you. OH, it's a real hoot.

BTW, I *used* to be religious when I was young (a whole 'nother century) but then I found out, Jesus just isn't that into me. Oh, and he isn't that into YOU, either. So lighten up.

Karl said...

Hey Pagani,

I'm happy to hear you don't pick on Dan, but please tell me you're not like the anonymous guy who mocks anyone who posts here. I'm just sensing you holding a lit match in your hand :-)

Anonymous said...

welcome to the internet.
nice to meet you. it seems you have already met the trolls, and the other idiots that also live here.

Anonymous said...


Bedrock cartoon and air hockey cartoon awesome.

Christina Awesome said...

this is piraro's blog in which he is allowed to put his opinions. if you want to write a commentary on these opinions, start up your own free anonymous blog. that way we can decide whether we want to read it or not...

BTW i love bizarro. and yes, bedrock was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Kitty Hawk is all sand dunes. So not only were the Wrong Brothers doing it wrong...but they were in the wrong spot! ;-)

Piraro said...

I appreciate all the comments, complimentary and otherwise. I'm always surprised when people get riled up about my blog, especially with an innocuous post like this one. I was being facetious in my Delta comment, pretending to be a spoiled consumer. The sentence was meant to be a joke. And I certainly would never complain about lawyers who buy my artwork. I love those folks.

For the record, I work 8 to 10 hours a day, seven days a week except when I travel. No job is as easy as it looks from the outside.

Sorry, though, I can't help you with the god thing. Good fortune doesn't make me want to believe in a Secret Santa any more than bad fortune makes me want to blame one. I've studied religion and spirituality all my adult life, believed in various things at various times. In the end, I'm convinced there is nothing and I'm okay with that. I can see no reason that should bother anyone else.

doug nicodemus said...

real funny cartoon hahahahaha on my dan scale.

actually it is pretty flat and awfully crowded these days...but the wrights picked it because at the time it was isolated...they were competing in one of the most intense races ever, that had been going on for almost 100 years - commercial exploitation of the skies and quick transport...they also needed a soft place to crash...which they did many times...the ocean wind did not hurt either because their earliest models did not have engines...been awhile since i read anything but i think they went there for several years before they got a frame they could mount an engine on hmmm

anyway good work and don't let the riff raff spook yah "they open the castle door". hahahahahah

Jeremy said...


Sorry if I have seemed too sensitive on here. I work 8 hours a day but I sometimes have 20 minutes between calls so your blog gives me something to do. I am going to take a break from your blog for a while and just go back to being a fan and admirer of your comic like I have been for the past 20 years.

I can tell you one person who what you believe matters to; God. He still loves you Dan, just as I do. Don't ever forget that, buddy. Right-wing attackers and "God hates fags" people do not properly represent Him and his everlasting love for everyone on Earth.

derekamalo said...

hey bullshit on these black lined cowards who cant come out on their own ..

i got a semi thing going on in cartoon land with dan and if i dissaproved on a subject i stated it example...ces..

so dont be afriad to bark i think by now he can take it ..

for the record doing what a cartoonist does and doing it correctly your actually subconsciously working all the time thinking of new ideas where as you can ;eave the office alone ..

dan why do you feel the need to answer stupid shit ...any artist knows that an artist who is anal and perfect everything they draw is working pretty hard when they are drawing of course

i would think in actuality dan answering emails each day and blogging can actually be considered work hours
i personally believe when we die questions we have are then answered but i do not direct my whole life through this logic,,

i can respect dans way of thinking but i think my way of thinking for its my way of not fearing or dealing with death ..

i have posted myself in black line in the past usually pissing off another reader and for two days i did post as fido 2 anythuing else

Anonymous said...

Hey, whaddaya mean, Dan, "pretending to be a spoiled consumer"? Objecting to the way Delta treated you doesn't indicate spoilage. Lily Tomlin had it right: "We're the phone company. We don't have to care [snort]." Sometimes it takes a village (with pitchforks and torches) to get these spoiled "service" providers to take notice.

derekamalo said...


derekamalo said...

by the waypropson the air hockey one it was cool hahah

Edstock said...

Kitty Hawk? The Wrights checked with the U.S. Weather Service. IIRC, KH has the highest average daily wind-speeds in the U.S., at that time.

Penny Mitchell said...

What Jeremy said. :-)