Sunday, October 26, 2008

So Many Things Wrong

(Click the cartoon to make a huge size of it)
Today' Bizarro is brought to you by You Betcha' Family Planning Clinic.

This cartoon is an old motif that I came up with in the 90s and have been meaning to get back to. It is a parody of the Whats-wrong-with-this-picture? games that I used to love so much in Highlights magazine as a kid. Except with my version, you can't possibly guess the answers.

It's always very tempting to get extremely political with this kind of image, but as Bizarro is not sold as a political strip, I have to refrain from taking real punches. I'm always tempted to put something like "Family in trailer thinks Fox News Channel is an actual news channel," or "Bowling ball has higher I.Q. than those who believe Obama is a muslim."

These two links are of a couple of the past ones I've done. Back in the 90s I used to do lots of puzzle and game parodies and would love to get back to it. Most of the ones I did back then are in my retrospective book, Bizarro and Other Strange Manifestations of the Art of Dan Piraro.

Have I mentioned that this book makes an excellent gift for all occasions?


derekamalo said...

you got it

believing obama is a muslim and having no respect for the just reasons white people made up so they can say i didnt vote for him because hes black

at many family functions i heard all the rumors not acknowledging flag he hans a muslim flag on is plane..

most of these remarks were agreed upon by elders i knew age 60 and up \
this is what willhappen

there will never be a fmelae presidnet or vp see mondale the sitff

we will have a black president now..

however the press wil try to dig up muslim ties and an attempted impeachment will be imminent so his vp can take over ..

bottom line if democrats had white male running against obama he would win presidency 100 percent against mccain ....esepcially if obama and his vp choice pols were reveresed

im sorry ladies but you cant become referees,umpires real professional thletes,priests ...and when you are an almost major sports figure it is you who goes to jail not clemesns see marion jones

end of sotry

male power beats black power anyday

thats myopinion

derekamalo said...

words needed to be respelled..

will hapen




bashzog said...

I'm not an American, so I guess there is something I'm just not getting here - isn't freedom of religion protected by the Bill of Rights in your country? Why shouldn't a Muslim be elected? (If he WERE a Muslim, which, yes, I know, he's not)

OK, I'm not an idiot, and I understand that political reality means that a practicing Muslim would't be elected President in 2008 in the US. But it seems to me that "I won't vote for him because he's a Muslim" is just as racist and should be as unpalatable (and unacceptable) a statement as "I won't vote for him because he's black".

Surely you DO have Muslims in other, lesser, elected positions, in your country?

isee3dtoo said...

Okay, the average IQ is 100 by definition (one study has the average US IQ when compared to the world at 98). If you take a large enough population the IQ will be a normal distribution with a mean of 100. If you take into account that Bush (and Kerry) had a GPA of 77 (Kerry 76) at Yale which translates to a C/C+ you can say that Bush's IQ is probably average or roughly 100.

While I agree Bush acts like he has the IQ of a bowling ball and in fact he might be that smart, which would then suggest a high amount of grade inflation at Yale or dumbing down of the bowling ball's intelligence. Now, what I think is funny about all of this is that there are internet ad's that say Bush's IQ is 125 and they ask you to take on online IQ test to compare. First, if you believe that Bush's IQ is that high or "superior intelligence" you have a mental problem and second, if you take that online test and give them your personal data your IQ is probably less than 80 and may I suggest you apply for a job at Walmart.

isee3dtoo said...

bashzog: Yes religion is protected by the Constitution. In fact Jefferson invited some Muslims to come to the US for their protection and Penn invited the Amish for theirs as well (as examples).

However, if you look at the voting patterns in the US a very large block of people identify themselves at Christian/Protestants and it was these people that Bush targeted to win the last election. Bush even targeted the Amish who don't vote (which was rather funny). That voting block and the distrust of Muslims by a large segment of the population due to 9/11, bombings in Baghdad, the hostage crisis in Iran in the late 70's, Lockerbee and so on makes electing a Muslim a hard task. There are a few Muslims elected around the country but in select areas.

So if you can tag Obama as Muslim even for a second you take away votes.

Romney who ran for the Republican is a Mormon, which should be easier to get elected than a Muslim, his religion was his downfall. Kennedy was a Catholic and is the only Catholic to be elected President. You have religious freedom in the US but the WASP still rules for the time being.

Lorie said...

Yawwwn. This will soon all be irrelevant. Me smarter! No, me smarter! What's up with Derek? Someone clarify. Does he use a device for the blind? I am not mocking. I just did the KPBS fund raising gig here and one of our volunteers was "sight impaired". She rocked the house with her notebook. Took pledges faster than anyone.

Unknown said...

I'd LOVE crabs for Christmas... except i'm jewish.

isee3dtoo said...

Jews can have crabs for December 25th and still not call it Christmas and then again on January 7th and not call it Russian Christmas. No one is going to tell your Rabbi.

Jezzka said...

hey d,

has anyone ever commissioned you to do a mural? i think you should start doing murals called stream of consciousness murals. what ever comes out of your brain that day, that is what the person gets, similar to what you drew on my door.

this dali-esquire cartoon could easily make a wonderful mural, as giant as the tallest ladder you could find...

i love the cats at the not dogs stand, oh and the bird legs, so fun...just wonderful eye candy!

Anonymous said...

so Dan has the nerve to refer to one of his own comics as a "classic Bizarro"? This guy's ego is in serious need of a reality check...

doug nicodemus said...

sometimes i wonder in here and wonder...what did i miss? great cartoon by the way HAHAHAHA

HollyBerry said...

i like that your head is the california smoker. and by the look on your face, it looks like you smoked something else before that cigar. funny, that in california one of those is almost as illegal as the other nowadays. you should definitely do more of those comics! they really encompass your silliness. and i LOVE the fact that the "3 things wrong" can't be found anyway. very creative.

Johnny said...

Another "Classic" Anon post, full of bitterness.

Anonymous said...

And exactly what do YOUR posts have to offer, Johnny? All I see are unfunny throwaway one-liners. Nothing all that different from anonymous' posts.

Johnny said...

Take a pill, Julie. Its an observation. It just would be nice to be surprised once in a while.

Bitter. Bit Her. Bidder.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Johnny. Do your friends laugh when you use a word they used again in your own sentence? That's good progress. We are all very, very proud of you. Before long we'll have that helmet off and you'll be on the playground with all the other kids.

Anonymous said...

"Take a pill"? Really? Where exactly in 1986 are you typing from?

marine_explorer said...

"First, if you believe that Bush's IQ is that high or "superior intelligence" you have a mental problem..."

I'm going to toss out an alternate theory about "dumb guys" like Shrubya: a lot of wealthy kids face far too few personal challenges that test their intellect and moral compass. Pampered all their lives by doting parents in elite circles, they drift from one narcissistic bungle to another, but insulated from character-defining hardships--sound like somebody we know? Shrubya's vacant, apathetic stare hints at the muffled inner cry of a life that was never actually born. This, in its core essence, is soul damnation.