Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pat on the Back

Bizarro is brought to you today by Hard Knocks Disco. "Life can be cruel. Dance."

I got a lot of mail from an organization called M.O.T.H. (Mothers of Teenage Hunchbacks) about this cartoon. They made a good point: Hunchbacked children suffer greatly at the hands of their peers – kids being the unrepentant puppets of Satan that they are – and making fun of them in the comics is a slap in the face that they just don't need.

If any hunchbacked children – or "differently-postured children," as they prefer to be called – were hurt by this cartoon, I sincerely apologize. Until I started getting mail from M.O.T.H., I thought that hunchbackism was a fictional malady, like vampirism or erectile dysfunction. I stand corrected.

But the news for these kids isn't all bad. Some companies are actually catering to differently-postured children, and I commend them. (Of course, the rotting carcasses they serve at places like that destroy the environment and damage the child's health, but at least they get a plastic toy.)

Some companies have even issued special toys for differently-postured kids, showing them hitting it off with hot chicks and palling around with so-called "normal" people. Again, my respect for such efforts.

Some professional sports figures have played entire games with the posture of the differently-postured, in an attempt to raise awareness that these kids can do anything anyone else can do. (Except, perhaps, walk across a room with a book balanced on their head, but who ever needs to do that anyway?)

So I'd like to say thanks to M.O.T.H. for opening my eyes to a segment of our society of which I was not previously aware, and also, hats off and a pat on the back to differenty-postured kids everywhere!


Jezzka said...

this one i find very cute. hee hee. i probably shouldn't be laughing, but i am. i love hunchbacks! mel brooks, young frankenstein, marty feldman, need i say more!

i seem to laugh at the strangest things and usually at the most inappropriate times. hee hee.

which reminds me, next time you see brian, tell him i apologize for laughing before his punchline at the p. onion, and ruining his delivery.

i couldn't help it, if given access to a time machine, who in their right mind would go back in time to kill their grandfather? hee hee.

eh, still funny...

FIDO said...

As most of you may know my grandpa or as they say in french pepere possesses a virgin ass

Penny Mitchell said...

Burger King does offer a veggie burger. When I'm stressing and starving and need to stuff my face, I get the value meal with fries. I asked the manager one time how many veggie burgers they sell; he said, "Did you just buy one?" I confirmed that I had. "Oh," he said. "You're the one."

He said they actually sell about ten a day...compared to thousands of the dead kind. :-(

Anonymous said...

how many vegetables did you kill with that burger, penny?

kerrikoo said...

I dig sarcastic men!...

kerrikoo said...

they make me laugh!!