Monday, October 20, 2008

Great Cartoon

I just love this comic by Ted Rall. One of those wish-I'd-written-it sort of gags.


Anonymous said...

Or a wish-Derek-or-any-other-young-naive-cartoonist-had-written-it cartoon, right Dan?

Piraro said...

Anon- I actually do pay contributors when they ask for it. Not much, as I don't make all that much per cartoon, but it is an option I make available. Derek has more money than the McCains, so he's happy just to find a place to publish his ideas.

derekamalo said...

anooymous fran seriously enough with the dan bashing if i dont have a problem why should you

you guys come to dans blog cause as we say your looking for a laugh and realize that the unfunnies you see daily dont have a blog..

ive been drawing cartoons since i was 15 years old i got minor printings here and there but nothing major 1994 i was in providence journal rhode islander pull out section and i was psyched to see that me and piraro were on the same page i took this and framed it as i was always a fan of dans work..

i kew about dans site since 2000 but never wrote to him til the end of last year cause with most of america at that point i was actually working

i was living out west in october til the san diego fires blew us out and i came back to ri...which worked out wel l in the end as my mom tore her achilles.and needed some help recovering

one day on line i just droppe dan a line showing him our appearance togethetr in paper ....and i showed him some cartoons i ad down and i asked him his opinion on my work .. he mentioned he liked my work and wanted to do a version for bizarro

as far asim concerned giving where dan is with the comic community its the same as if the steely dan band asked me to sit in with fagan and becker or if gregory hines asked me to show him how to tap dance

its very flattering

but what you dont understand is i showed dan over 2000 cartoons so far and he liked 1 percent... than changed his mine on five...whic puts me at 00.75% bizarro worthy

so for anyone to say he combs fans for ideas is freaken ludacris look closely if he wasnt so freaken picky he could live years on just my work

so in another wards crappy ending to year last year turned alittle brighter to be featured in bizarro ..

so im living n a family mebers guesthouse in rancho santa fe, ca working security for a gated community ...fires blow us out ...i went from paying rent to living at home in RI... ..home consists of an indoor pool , tennis court , hot tub , home gym gazebo 20 acres of land for 6 all terrain vehiocles left behind..if mom gets tired of me of course i can then flock to her beachhouse in new hapshire with 150 feet of water frontage..
only regret so far is piraro didnt use my house as a pit stop in RI while he stillcould this month (piraros business0

anD if i dont like this i can always head out west to woodside, CA and visti DAD in his casTLE..

i was thinking of moving to chciago as i am a fan of the city but trade that all in yet for a $1250 amonth 600 squarefoot studio im not ready yet

as im not married and dont really have responsibilities..

you get my point im over 300lbs so not your typical starving artitst...

my moms birthday is in fact next week ..beginning of year her being laid up i got her into piraros work not knowing what he was or ever even read the comic pages..

iim giving her a dan orioginal and for her tO appreciate that FOR A WOMAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING YOU COULD WANT ..tells you something ...

meaning in the end when you have it all ...recognition means more understand the rush of appearing in bizarro beats any hand out ...AND IM GLAD DAN puts his reputation and possible ego on line to give me and others the opportunity

i enjoy my original conection and knowing i was great enough for comic pages .

say what you want about dan in the end he has successful strip, three time comic panel winner travels the country and me

well i conside myself ONE GREAT LOOOOOOOOOOOOOZAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

derekamalo said...

hahaha the mispelled words or my scrabble words are









Anonymous said...

As much as I genuinely appreciate you telling us all where you are coming from, Derek, it is really Piraro himself that I take issue with. From what I have read on this blog in the past, it is clear he has taken ideas and compositions for Bizarros from young artists in addition to yourself. And while they may not want to be paid either (as unusual and unlikely as that may be, seeing as the only credit they receive is a possible mention on this blog), it feels as though the young artists' desire to "make it" in the comics biz may be taken advantage of by a veteran artist looking for fresh ideas.

derekamalo said...

i understand what your saying anonymous

but curiosity got the better of me one day
but i contaced tundra,brevity,rhymes with orange,mother goose and grimm and a ton others who all buy from people they buy it the difference is dan acknoledges the 10 percent he doesn not do on his blog ...what about those who give no credit to the 100 percent

i dont know what the people who do continuos strips with the same characters do ..actually i dont care cause i dont read them anyways

Anonymous said...

well put, anon.

Lorie said...

God, anonymous. You are as dumb as dirt. Derek has a similar sense of humor, and tossed a few ideas out there. I do it with my writing and sometimes see almost my exact words being used. Do I care? F*ck no. I am flattered. Do you have anything to offer? If not, you should "take issue" somewhere else. Your whining is boring. You, too, Fran. "Well put, anon." How profound.

Jym said...

=v= Ted Rall: brilliant in this strip. Anonymous: a total blithering idiot here.

Anonymous said...

Insults, eh Lorie? A little insecurity shining through? If you were a regular reader of this blog, you'd know that Derek has produced a quite a few Bizarros for Dan, from the wording to the composition of the strip. Young vulnerable artists sending strips to Dan and your simple mind seeing things in strips you already thought of are far from the same thing.

If you are bored by my posts, find another blog. Because no one around here is looking forward to reading another of your screaming-for-attention posts.

By the way, what exactly do YOU have to offer? I await your silence.

Anonymous said...

jym - your third grade level monosyllabic posts are a delight. Please find time in your very busy social schedule to keep them coming, because they are both witty and insightful.

Anonymous said...
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Penny Mitchell said...

Wait...there's a picture of Bush, but he's not in a cell behind bars.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone got Lorie all worked up. Take a deep breath, dear. This deep, empty loneliness will pass, and a prescription drug-free life may be on the horizon.

Piraro said...

Just to set the record straight regarding using ideas by others:
Virtually all cartoonists at my level use ideas by other people –readers and professional gag writers– many have full-time writers who do most or all of their work. None admit it. You don't see bylines or recognition of any kind in their blogs or interviews.

As for me, I use ideas by readers, not professional writers, about 5% of the time. Some want money, I offer them what I can afford and they take it or leave it. Others want the original art as payment, as Derek does (my daily cartoons sell for $350, so this is no small payment), some want nothing more than the thrill of seeing their idea in print. I give bylines to a few personal friends or colleagues (who donate ideas they are proud of but can't use in their own feature for some reason) and I always give recognition on my blog.

I also don't mine the material of young cartoonists who have a burgeoning career (with the exception of Victor, who is still a teenager and whose career is a few years off). Getting published is virtually impossible these days, so I see nothing wrong with offering a bit of fame to someone who dabbles in cartooning. I've never gotten a complaint from any of the people who've agreed to let me use their ideas, and I've never had anyone offer me an idea then retract the offer because there wasn't enough money in it. I think of it as a way to make the feature a little more interactive with the readers and people seem to like it.

Lorie said...

"Young vulnerable artists sending strips to Dan". You make it sound like pedophilia. You ever hear of mentorship, anonymous? Why does this bother you so much? Some people just aren't special enough to warrant a syndicated artist using their work. That pork chop your parents had to tie around your neck must smell pretty bad at your age.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You made the leap to pedophilia pretty quick and effortless, Lorie. Anything you care to share with the class?

Anonymous said...

As most of you may know fido's grandpa or as they say in french pepere possesses a virgin ass.

BonzoGal said...

Charles Addams bought gags from writers and other cartoonists nearly his whole career, and wasn't ashamed of it at all. It was SOP at The New Yorker for the top cartoonists to do this- in fact the editors maintained a slush pile of ideas and cartoons that weren't quite up to snuff for the more experienced cartoonists to use for ideas. The slush pile writers/artists were either paid or credited, or both. No one ever had a problem with this system, just as no one has a problem with Jay Leno using writers to do his material for him.

Many newspaper cartoonists do the same- Charles Schulz did, Jim Davis does, Garry Trudeau has assistants who clean up his artwork for him.

Anonymous said...

Too late to the party, bonzogal. No one's listening anymore.