Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Name By Any Other Rose

This Bizarro cartoon is brought to you by Friendship, Inc. "Being there at the right time with the right solution."

A good friend of mine from my old stomping grounds of Dallas, Taxes, asked me a while back if I would put his good buddy's name in my cartoon. He knows I use names on rare occasion and he convinced me this guy was a huge fan and would get a giant kick out of.

Unable to resist the opportunity to sell another color print, I acquiesced and here it is. Of course, I've been hearing from Kevin Baileys from all around the country all week. Having a syndicated cartoon is a great way to make new friends, if you don't mind them all having the same name.

With a name like mine, however, I've never experienced seeing it somewhere else so I have no idea what that must be like. I guess you get used to it. My wife has an incredibly common name, on top of which it is gender non-specific, so she meets both men and women with the same name. Of course, now she goes by CHNW, so that's all in the past.


Jamie said...

Great cartoon!
My boyfriend 9and son as well) have a very unusual [Hungarian] name, and I, like your wife, have a gender-neutral name. Reminds me of the movie "It's Pat" ha!

Penny Mitchell said...

You would have earned Kevin's true love forever if you'd listed his actual phone number. Or not.

Anonymous said...

Did Penny try to call Kevin?

Penny Mitchell said...

Yes. Dammit!

Winston Smith said...

Ah, Mr. Piraro...
So we had hoped, as we expressed a story to you during a book signing after one of your hi-larious shows in none other than Tulsa, OK. It was an awesome show, a birthday present to me from the most incredible wife a lump o' man like me could ever dream of sharing a life with. Your Mom was at the show (the venue is now a sushi resturant, but was an art house back then - in the days of yore)
We regaled you with tales of possibly the world's only transgender (not just neutered, but fully transgender) feline, monikered "T.G. Bob." It seemed you wept, or maybe it was just dust in your eye, or tears of sheer boredom.
A birthday wish, unspoken, was for you to be so impressed so as to somehow reference said T.G. Bob in one of your strips, thus insuring his immortality. Alas, not as of yet, but maybe, just maybe, one can hope.
Thanks for all the weirdness and laughter.