Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Devolution Pantsuit

A friend sent me this pic today via email. No idea where it came from but it made me laugh.

I've been an Obama fan all along and am happy the primaries turned out the way they did. It's not that I don't think Hillary would be a decent president, I just can't imagine another 4 to 8 years of the kind of Repubican vitriol that spewed non-stop during Bill Clinton's administration. I'm sure they'll pull the same crap with Obama, if the country isn't too bigoted to elect him, but at least it will be a new set of lies and tired, predictable jokes. Plus, I think we need some new ideas in Washington, not just promises of new ideas. Who knows if Obama's really got what it takes to deliver that, but I'm hopeful.

Just to show how old and wise I am, I saw Devo the night they first appeared on Saturday Night Live, way back in 1953 or whenever that was. Shortly thereafter, I saw them in concert at some small venue in Dallas. Can't find a video of them on SNL (1978) but the one below is a reasonable facsimile. If you weren't alive then, you can't imagine how different this was from anything else being done at the time. For you extremely young readers, their doing an old Rolling Stones song.


Gordon said...
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Gordon said...

I was an Edwards supporter who when primary time came around, voted for Edwards but gave my delegates to Hillary. I guess I was pissed at Obama for being one of the main reasons Edwards didn't make it to the NY primary. Edwards was the guy with the populist message.
Anyway, I did the pic of Hillary with Devo. Why? Well a friend asked me to and's funny!
I think many people have trouble putting the Clinton era into its true perspective. Here's a good article that does just that and may be what we need to put the party together and moving in the right direction..for now. Read the article

Brad said...

Le Dang.

First album I ever purchased was Are We Not Men?

I was 9.

On one hand it shaped my musical tastes for what is so far the rest of my life. On the other hand, it made it real pain in the ass to find anything else I liked at the time. I believe I followed it up with Talking Heads...

Piraro said...

Thanks for the comment, Gordon. I read the article and agree with it wholeheartedly. Early on, Edwards was my fave candidate, too. But he wasn't black and didn't have a vagina, so it just wasn't his year. People wanted real change and a white male lawyer just didn't fit the poster.
Speaking of posters, thanks for the Hillary/Devo pic. Very funny.

marine_explorer said...

That old Devo bootleg is sure a cool way-back; their early work was creative, very observant of society—and fun! Sort of like Bizzarro. That photo w/Hillary is appropriately surreal.

I'm supporting Obama too, hoping a new administration can re-focus on issues that matter to Americans. But that won't be easy, as far too many entities now profit from special-interest politics. It's akin to telling McDonalds to become a vegan restaurant chain. We're a nation of collective bad habits--leverage/consumption, foreign policy, environmental disasters, and tragic international fiascos. Sure, we deserve a better future--someday, after a lot of hard work.

Craig Zablo said...

Although I remember Devo from back in the day (yeah, I'm THAT old), I never did get 'em.

Crack that whip... whip it good indeed. :)

Michael Tallon said...

It should be "they're doing an old Rolling Stones song".

Different from anything else being done at the time... Reminds me of Portishead.