Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dedicated Cameraman

Watch this video full screen if you can. (click the little icon at the bottom of the video screen that looks like a square with brackets)

Ever been on a hike when it started to get dark and you were worried about getting back to your car in time?

Thanks to Gary for sending this.


Karl said...

Watching in full screen gave me butterflies in my stomach. I was thinking all the time he was going to fall through an opening while walking across those narrow pole supports. Near the end of the clip I began wondering how the walkway was originally constructed. That would also be interesting (and scary) to see.

Penny Mitchell said...

A friend of mine seriously wants to go do this. She's actually too cool to be hanging out with me.

disabled account said...

oh, hell no!

Jezzka said...

oh wow, this is breathtaking!

girl least likely to said...

that was one of the scariest things i've ever watched. *shudder*