Sunday, January 23, 2011


(To see this cartoon in all its large, detailed glory, click the caveman's over-hanging brow.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Reader Appreciation.

Here is number 12 in my occasional series of "Sunday Punnies." If you missed the first 11, click here.

The deal is that readers send me their puns and I use some of them for these kinds of cartoons. If you've got a pun that you think might be good, post it in the comments section of this blog or email it to me. My email address can be found on Please don't abuse it, its feelings get hurt rather easily.

Rules and notable things:
1. You get no compensation other than the delirious thrill of seeing your idea in the funnies.
2. Tell me what name you want me to sign it with if I pick your pun.
3. It has to be original. Don't be sending me no dang thang you heard at the beauty parlor or on the Interwebs.
4. I will not post the puns that people leave in the comments section, so don't expect to see them listed there and don't be afraid to leave me your name or email or whatever. I'm good at keeping secrets.
5. If you are Joe Flacco, don't bother leaving a pun, I won't use it. You and your Baltimore Ravens knocked the Kansas City Chiefs out of the playoffs and upset my dad.

That's about it. Any time you have a couple minutes to spare and want to LOL outloud, I hope you'll drop by this blog. I post 3 or 4 times a week and feature new cartoons, old ones, odd videos, funny pictures of me and my clan, and peculiar musings from the inner recesses of my brain goo. Thanks for stopping by.

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Pies said...

Perhaps you should distinguish between the eyepatch/parrot fellows and real, CD-copying pirates by making it Nautical Pirate Radio?

Anonymous said...

Clearly I am stupid and blind. The only one I get is the third, usually I can figure them out, but I have no idea what the first two are.

Can anyone tell me #1 and #2?

Sonic6 said...

#1 plays on the difference between waiters serving you your food and serving you *as* food (to the other cannibals).

#2 refers to Charles Darwin's book describing survival of the fittest, "The Ascent of Man."

DaveinT.O. said...

Your Sunday Punnies #12 is outstanding, (and one of your best)- but I am still holding out for that one about the Pope with the little electric chair hanging from a chain around his neck, and displayed on his hat!?!
Now if you will excuse, I shall have a peek at the rest of yer blog.............Haw! (Damn you- I spend way too much time looking at yer stuff!) How's yer bike? (Have you hugged your MOTORCYCLE lately?)

Neil J Murphy said...

Here's an idea:

The Scene: A desert. Sand, dunes, etc.

The Figure: A man in Arab dress. (Long white robe, that whatchamacallit headdress)

The Prop: A six-stringed instrument, similar to the one you sometimes play.

The Caption: Qatar Player.

With any luck, this isn't something I already saw.