Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bizarro iPhone App Update

I've heard from some users of my Bizarro iPhone app that they've had some problems with it crashing. The gurus have issued an update to fix that, so check your App Update button. Or, if you haven't bought it yet, the new one should be complete with the fix. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

nothing in the app store for updates!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I purchased the app about a month ago, and while I enjoy it, I kind of miss reading your blog entries (which i used to catch almost daily). Guess I'll have to do both.

Piraro said...

@Anonymous...if you buy the app new, it comes with the updates. If you own the app, you click the app button on your phone and it automatically tells you of updates to the apps you own.It showed up on my phone this way, so not sure what to say if it isn't on yours. Ask the help button, I guess.