Saturday, March 8, 2008

And another thing

The blog below this one about marriage and weddings is the one I wrote to you about today. But here are a few general facts I need to mention also.

I was mentioned in the first paragraph of an article in the Feb issue of GQ on page 73. I'm still really thrilled by this kind of thing. That's how you can tell that I'm not "really" famous.

Here is a link to a video interview of me at the Purple Onion, a couple hours before my show there a couple weeks ago. Michael Capozzola – cartoonist, stand-up comic, and PR guy extraordinaire – is the interviewer.

I was featured in the March-May issue of Australian publication Vegan Voice magazine. Subscribe here and support compassion down under!

Thanks for indulging my fragile ego!
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Van said...

Pardon me for using your blog, but I'm letting you know Email sent to you is bouncing back.