Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day - Grand or Grim?

Your feelings about this day depend entirely on your love life. When I was a kid, we decorated white paper bags and put them on a shelf in the classroom and everyone put a valentine in everyone else's bag, whether you liked them or not. A strange ritual for prepubescents on a day designed for lovers.

In middle school it became a public test of your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Just what you need at the most vulnerable time of your life. It made for a miserable and anxious day for virtually every student in the school – faculty members likely went home with hormone poisoning just from breathing the air. I can only imagine how gay and lesbian students dealt with it.

As adults, if you're in a relationship you're happy with, you're cool. If you're not, this day sucks. It also sucks for those in relationships with difficult people who expect the day to be perfect and mope for days if it isn't. I was in a relationship like that once and I dreaded Valentine's Day and her birthday more than my yearly colonoscopy.

Whatever VD means to you (pun intended), I hope you're well today. Here are a couple of cartoons on the subject that may give you a smile.


Jezzka said...

thanks d for the laughs, i needed that.

Canuck said...

I love the cat barf cartoon--so very tru--hope our cat doesn't do it though--but if dogs make vd cards--I must get one immediately!!! Hope you got your Half Nekked Wife--and new salad suit!--maybe one with RED tomater slices or something.
Happy VD

greg oakes said...

it's just another blah day as far as i'm concerned. ;) *sigh* that was a great read; cute cartoons. have a good one dan!

Anonymous said...

Amen about the difficult relationships. I've been dealing with that one for 20 years.


van gogh great cartoon!

danny b!

taiwan [funny note: here in Taiwan, there are two Valentine's Days each year, one is the real VD on Feb. 14, Western sun calendar, and the other is in August, more or less, July 7 on the lunatic calendar, i mean lunar calender, different every year on the Westerm suncalendar, and it's called Lover's Day here, Chin-ren Jie, and it's an old story from China about two legendary people, a man and a woman, who live in the stars and each year, for one day, they get to embrace each other again and renew their love, but all the other days they must live far apart, he on one star, and she on another. and this was before space travel!}

Karl said...

I can't remember exactly, but isn't Van Gogh's ear hanging in The Louvre someplace?

It's true about cat's. They don't even look sorry, after they puke. Dogs on the other hand seem to have a guilt complex, and would apologize if they could talk.

And humans; so disgusting, always licking themselves. Ooops sorry, that was cats again.


Dan, these are great. The dog's crafts skills are remarkable. His handwriting is better than mine, too. Good stuff, thanks for posting!

Lisa Williamson said...

Valentine's Day is also my birthday, so for me, every year it means getting cheated out of one expensive dinner out with my boyfriend.


hi dan

dan in Tawian

break a leg!

new humor contest




HollyBerry said...

yo, czar-o.. i'm very surprised that you didn't go off on how america has turned valentine's day into a corporate holiday and has turned everybody into whining, nagging bitches when they don't get a f*cking teddy bear and a box of chocolates, or some other kind of other elaborate display of effection. that since birth we have been subjected to this false image of love and appreciation in the form of *bling* and material possessions. that the celebration of love is not something one day can truly encompass. that we should recognize our signifigant other EVERY DAY, and one corporate holiday just doesn't do a fluttering heart justice! (there's imagery for ya..) but your lack of rant is probably a good thing, as you tend to be a little more poetic and subtle with your anti-corporatocracy (yea, that's a word). thanks for being awesome, and as always, it was a pleasure reading your thoughts on VD.

High Power Rocketry said...

Best. Cartoons. E.V.E.R.