Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Live Comedy Show! (No dead guys)

Next month, February '08, I'll be making an increasingly rare stage appearance at San Francisco's legendary Purple Onion. I'm not doing the full-on "Bizarro Baloney Show" as I did last time I was there in '06, this will be more of a regular stand-up comedy show.

A brilliant comedian named Johnny Steele will open with a 30-minute set that will hurt you. This guy is drastically, fall-down, pee yourself, sore-stomach-muscles-the-next-day, pray-for- the-apocalypse funny – just the sort you would never want to follow onstage. Then I follow him with an hour set of my own.

My built-in excuse for not being as funny as Johnny, though, is that I'm not really a stand-up comic. I'm a cartoonist who occasionally does stand-up. If Johnny ever wants to challenge me to a drawing contest, then we'll see who the lame-ass pretender is. But on February 22nd, I'll be the lame-ass pretender, so come watch if you're in the area. It's a small venue and will sell out, so get your tix now, mon ami.


Jamie Armstrong (Kansas City) said...

I wish you were having your show here in Kansas City. I would take a vacation, but the only vacation package I can afford, right now, is the History Channel on cable.
You mentioned your show is becoming increasingly rare. I hope you don't quit doing it. I saw clips of it on You Tube and it's hilarious !
Jamie Armstrong (Kansas City)

TheGreatOne said...

Come to SMALLbany,NY! The Comedy Club is where you should be!

Micgar said...

If you ever come to ABQ, I would like to see you! I have always loved your strip and I bet your standup is great too!

C.Carson.Thompson said...

Missed you by one month. Was in SF visiting Doc's mom (my grandmother, if you do the math) in January. Enjoy.