Thursday, August 27, 2009


We have a winner of the previous post's contest, a Mr. t. tex. I've posted his winning answers, coming in only minutes after I posted the contest, in the comments section of the contest blog. If you don't want to dig, here they are again, in t.'s own words:

Garfield graffiti added
snake added
screaming manface photo added
C gone from crash
backwards s
bugeyed little spaceman(?) in top right corner
month misspelled
object under car turned a different direction
image in back windshield added
license plate changed from pixie to piraro

Next contest is next week, and this time I'll announce it the day before, telling you exactly what time I'll post the images the next day, so that you can get a jump on the competition if you're so inclined. Thanks to everyone for entering!

Wasn't this fun?!


behrmark said...

I noticed your comment about NY time...too bad some of us who love your humor live on the West Coast. No...I'm not bitter. Much.

John23 said...

I studied a broad once...from a disceet distance in 1976 Pinto with high end binoculars. Needlss to say my education ended with a restraining order from my pissed off ex.

Luis said...

Hey, look who's talking. I live on Tokyo time. These things are announced in the middle of the night!