Friday, February 11, 2011

Lustige Zeichnung

Bizarro is brought to you today by Inspirational Art.

If you're as big a fan of ruthless dictator emoticons as I am, you'll love this cartoon. It features a Hitler emoticon. Actually, I've never seen a Hitler emoticon before my friend and partner, Wayno, sent this gag idea to me. To hear him tell it, his wife thought up the emoticon and he figured out a way to make a joke out of it. Then I drew it. I'm the blue-collar in this equation. Here's Wayno's story about it, which, if it differs from mine at all is just him lying again.

Speaking of attempted genocide, let's take a cartoon visit to The South. Somebody wrote to me and said that in Mississippi, people don't say "y'all." I admit I've never been to Mississippi, but I was raised in The South and have traveled a bit there and have never come across a state where they didn't say it, so I'm going with my original premise. If you've ever lived in Mississippi, let me know the truth. History demands it.

I'm off to wrestle with the tedious details of my job as the greatest cartoonist currently living in my building. Aufwiedersehen, y'all.

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Hitler Emoticon
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Benny said...

People in the South absolutely say "y'all." But it always refers to a plural group of addressees, never singular.
To your co-workers: "What are y'all doin' tonight?"
To your wife: "What are you doin' tonight?"

Jason Ashley said...

I was born and raised in south Mississippi, and I can guarantee you that almost everyone says "y'all" at least a dozen times a day, minimum. When I moved to Tulsa, it seemed Oklahomans didn't say it QUITE as much -- maybe just half a dozen times daily. A friend of mine from New Jersey used to make fun of people who said "y'all," but she says it rather frequently now. It's like the kudzo of Southern colloquialisms. Very catchy.

Ray Avito said...

I was raised in MS and y'all is the norm. It may have been more prevalent where I was because it was out in the woods, away from any metropolitan areas like, say...Tupelo.

Anonymous said...

Would two forward slashes for the hair more represent Hitler's own coif, which I think was combed down to the right? Just a thought.

Piraro said...

@Benny, Jason, and Ray...Thanks for the inside info, I was certain I was right. Everywhere I've ever been in the South people were tossing that contraction around like chicken feed, I couldn't believe Mississippi was a grammatical stronghold.
@Anonymous...I just Google Imaged Adolf and his bangs were down over his left eye so you are right, I got it wrong. :o)

Frank Stack said...

Let's hope the sequel to the big wheel flag flying tough truck barging into the marsh is the same as it was in Psycho.

Pashupa said...

I am sure they say y'all in Mississippi, but I am hurt you didn't use Louisiana instead. My favorite slang here in N'awlins is "yeah you right!"

Catherine said...

If Hitler's emoticon hair WAS combed the other way, you'd know it wasn't a message from him. He was clearly looking in a mirror.