Friday, October 8, 2010

What Came Before

I wanted to share this interesting video by a brilliant animator, Nina Paley. This is part of a series of work she is doing to help reframe the debate about copyright issues. This short film has a lot to say about religion and other forms of human creativity.


Anonymous said...

copyright law gives me a headache, but I love Nina Paley - thanks!

Chas D Lind said...

of course all the figures did sign photo-releases...

rhhardin said...

This econtalk podcast casts doubt on the importance of intellectual property; namely it doesn't increase creativity in the first place.

Is it a plot by copyright lawyers and Disney? A tool of monopoly profits.

It certainly changes who gets rich and how, but does not seem to have any socially desireable plus side.

Everything you were taught is wrong dept.

PS the old podcasts there by Mike Munger are usually entertaining.