Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Standing Tall

Bizarro is brought to you today by Hurricane Damage.
As I've mentioned on this here ding dang blog thang before, I'm putting together a book of super hero cartoons. This is the latest addition to the project, hope you get a smile out of it.

I did another "standing erect" cartoon about cavemen some years ago that, although it is not obscene by any means, is too "adult" to run in the nation's funny papers. It's not a hysterical classic by any means, but I like it and offer it here for your discerning eyes.

Until tomorrow: Stand tall, friends.


Dave Stratton said...

"Not a hysterical classic"? I beg to differ my friend. That was damn funny.

Bodi said...

Funny ones, they made me laugh big time, specially the second one :D

Jeremy said...

Hahahahaha. I love the 'fully erect' cartoon, that's a great double entendre.

There is no fossil or archaelogical evidence of a human with such longs arms and a hip designed for four-legged walking like that though.

derekamalo said...

hey dan whats up good comic today april 15 ..

i almost passed out laughing today when i saw the latest comment on my comments section the last entry i made

lmao lmao lmao

Karl said...


I was just thinking that although SE man had the smarts, he probably was slower walking/running than the knuckle draggers. Something like; "Hey guys, wait up, this is getting heavy!

Also, wondering if you got many comments on your earlier cartoon about it being the first topless bar?

Anonymous said...

Its funny, and interesting, Mr. Piraro. What would the powers of 'SE Woman' have been?

Poor guy, feels left out, isn't as strong, as hairy, got an uncommonly weird face(in comparison) opportunist becomes SE Man.Liked the idea.

ur Fan
Dee Sh

Unknown said...

I like the first one, especially his goofy, overly long chimp arms.
The second would have been great in playboy.

I'm still recovering from that 'big smile' pic... I think you just might have found the new hotness in internet shock photos. Bleah.

doug nicodemus said...

both are drop dead funny

more more


Anonymous said...

The Oldy is Gold