Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clam Shells of Comedy

Bizarro is brought to you today by Nature's Cruelty.

This cartoon idea came from my good buddy, Richard Cabeza. It is a simple pun, but a funny one with a good pic. I got a number of emails from readers who really liked it, including one from a woman who said it had particularly spoken to her since she had just gone bra shopping.

You just never know when a cartoon is going to touch someone's life.

I am still in Indianapolis at this writing, which, if Columbus had thought he were in Japan instead of India when he arrived in the Bahamas, would be called Japaneseopolis. I think that's worth remembering.

It is cold here and the people are cruel. So cruel that they don't allow smoking anywhere in my hotel – not a single smoking room. So to smoke a cigar I have to go outside, bundled like the Michelin Man, and walk the streets like a common peasant. Why does life have to be so hard?

In contrast to the last few days when the temps were in the mid-to-low twenties during my peasant parades, today it was 40 degrees! This was much appreciated and the city felt just a little bit less cruel. Like 15 degrees less.

More in my next blog about the shenanigans and monkey shines that have ensued since I got here.


derekamalo said...

Hey everyone,

given dan and ashley are big on animal rights ..

once again off topic i have to say this is without a doubt one of the funniest videos i ever seen.

julie said...

Cabeza? Is that his real name, or is he just trying to get A Head in cartooning? What have we done to deserve this particular PUNishment?

Christina Awesome said...

so..i thoughth the bird was actually pheasant. ph sounds like f.

not that it matters a whole lot, either way.
i'm really glad you're posting again. it got very boring very quickly while you were gone.

Chriss Pagani said...

"No, but we do have some lovely fishnets."

Anonymous said...

Uggg... you're killing us with these insipid plays on words, Piraro.

Stephen said...

sea puns give me a haddock

Anonymous said...

If Anon may die over a few insipid plays on words, then all the better reason to do them.

I wonder if hell has the internet yet, if they do its still probably dial-up.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You wished me death. Great stuff, man. That dial-up internet joke is classic too. But seriously, a little heads up - if you're going to lay out jokes as low end as those, don't be surprised when they end up in a Bizarro six weeks from now.

SAYOTTE316 said...

Not only was that joke lame and wasn't even piraro's to begin with.

SAYOTTE316 said...

Im sorry anonymous's last comment had me rolling!!

Anonymous said...

wakka wakka wakka

Anonymous said...

You two should get a room.

I would be happy to have Dan illustrate a joke of mine. You must value his work on some level, you take the time to comment on it almost every day. Almost, Every, Day.

Anonymous said...

Who are you talking to?