Friday, September 3, 2010

Sort of a Comedy Show!

Quick announcement:

I'm going to be appearing at the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa California on Saturday afternoon, Sept 11, 2010. I'll be joining a metric buttload of other cartoonists from 1pm to 3pm for a sketch-a-thon, which means we sit behind tables and draw stuff for free or sign books or whatever, and then at 3:30pm, I'm doing a talk in the auditorium. It'll be fun, funny and FREE. Hope to see some of youse there.

P.S. Tell them you found out about it on this blog and it will be even MORE free.



Seth said...

It was very forward thinking of you to "Go Green" with your show by having it so close to my home I can walk there. If all artists had their shows within walking distance of their fans, think of all the pollution we'd prevent. Start a movement.

And I'll seeya on 9-11!

rob said...

'metric buttload'

Have you been reading my thoughts?
metric shit-tonne is another one I use.

Dean said...

We could use a few more laughs in Milwaukee. Take the train here and bring your bowling ball!