Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reuben Weekend 2009

Many of you will not be interested in this at all, but here's a quick post about the National Cartoonists Society convention last weekend in Hollywood. I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few.

This first pic is a few of us hanging out in the hotel bar at the Renaissance Hollywood. Which overlooks the old Grauman's Chinese Theater, now called something stupid.

From left to right: Mark Tatuilli (Lio), Jenny Robb (assistant curator of the Cartoon Library at Ohio State University), Stephan Pastis (Oysters Preceeding Pigs), Me (Garfield, Marmaduke), Jim Horowitz (creator of the classic television series, Gunsmoke.)

Here are a few of us at lunch at CHNW's and my favorite mid-LA spot, Real Food Daily. Our other favorite restaurant in all of LA is Madeleine Bistro in Tarzana. There are lots of other good ones, too, though, so don't nobody get offended.

Me (Btam Btam Btam), CHNW (Ashley), Ralph Smith (CHNW's dad, editorial cartoonist and gag writer to the stars), David Silverman (director of The Simpsons.) Cartoonists like to make funny faces for photos.

Here's a shot of us at one of the many cocktail parties. I've been a fan of the guy's all my life and a friend of his for about 15 years. He's a total sweetheart, as you can see from the look on my face.

Sergio Aragones (Mad Magazine, etc.), Jenny Robb (Cartoon Library at OSU), Me (H.R. Pufnstuf)

This brings us to the formal cocktail party outside the awards dinner on Saturday night. Open bar, fancy clothes, lovely weather.

Fred Piraro (my pop), Carol Lee Piraro (my ma), Me (with a cigar stub in my mouth, not a huge, brown swolen lip), CHNW (in a bird and flower headdress of her own design and construction), Ralph Smith (Ashley's dad, ambassador to Tonga, shown here standing on a chair.)

Still at the same cocktail party, taken by a photographer who doesn't know the rule about not having people face directly into the setting sun for the shot.

CHNW and my good friend and business partner, Rey Ortega. You can see the crazy headdress even better here.

Last but not least, here's a shot of Rey as a cyclops.

I'll post more pics later in the week as people send them to me, if there are any good ones and if anyone's interested.

Ciao for now.


Jeff Pollet said...

Really cool to see some of y'all, and I've never seen what Sergio Aragones looks like in real life, so kudos!

On a side note: Don't you know any women cartoonists? Sheesh, what a sausage party that must have been...

Piraro said...

For whatever cultural or genetic reasons, there are very few women cartoonists. This year, Hilary Price, Rina Piccolo, Cathy Guisewhite and one or two of the women from "Six Chix" were there.

There are also very few people who are not white. The NCS makes a concerted effort to recruit women and people from other ethnic groups but there just aren't a lot of professional cartoonists from those groups that are interested. So, yeah, it's very much a white dude's club.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry you didn't win AGAIN!(pat on back) And if I were able to vote I would have voted for you. ha ha (violin playing) Maybe next year when you don't attend you'll win finally! That cyclops guy sure is handsome. Even with one eye!


b0b said...

You wear a funny hat.

Nowax said...

Piraro: I thnk you're the best comic out there right now. I can't understand why you didn't win.

re: male's as cartoonists. I think it's because men LOVE one-liner humor. Or they can freeze moments in their heads like a photograph. My husband can repeat lines from movies he saw decades ago. Movies that I can hardly remember the plots to. Yet, he can't seem to remember where we keep the tongs in the kitchen. Different brains, I think.

Jezzka said...

Sergio! Jenny! David! You guys all look so dapper!

i can attest to sergio being the biggest sweetheart on the planet. it never fails, every time i am at a con and he spots me, he will give me the biggest bear hug imaginable (i have a collapsed lung from one of his hugs). once he made a whole line of fans wait while we chatted.

sergio, i'd say, your fans are waiting for you, look at the line! "ah!" he would say, "let them wait! come here and talk to me!"

he always made time and gave you his undivided attention. sergio is that happy bobbing buoy in the petulant sea of cartoonists; he's surfing on his own wave.

i am glad you guys had a good time, and so good to see bio dad in the pics too!

derekamalo said...

hey nowax ive explained why dan doesnt win

dan is a plant everyone at the society knows dan puts out the best work in art and humor

when dan is elected its to make the other winners look better

for instance coverly is part of the beating piraro hes supposed to look 50 times better

everyone knows piraro deserves to be nominated every year which he is and will continue to get nominated ..

everyone knows piraros work is better except the commitee voters who want to make themselves look better

is what it is and if you dont believe me about cartoonist winning awards "only" cause there on committee

see parisi'r off the mark

and then call the cops for being put through that

and for the record where dan mentions female cartoonists ...hilary does answer her fans and email shes one of the guys

i wonder if cathy gueswhite answers her fa(n)

greg oakes said...

(: !!! tooo freakin' coool !!! :)

Unknown said...

Lynda Barry is a great cartoonist, but you know, she does use a lot of words. (Maybe Nowax is on to something.)

When I was a kid, Sergio was one of my idols. I bought everyone of those Mad reprint paperbacks of his and read them and copied the drawings in them til they fell apart.