Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Men, Women, Honey, Apes

Bizarro is brought to you today by Extra Protection.

I'm taking some time off from the real world so I'll not be posting again until next Tuesday. I'll miss you and will think of you daily.

In the meantime, here's a passel to remember me by. I like the distinguished older gentlemen chatting up the young chippy on the subway. Not drawn from life, but I'm sure this has happened. Just about anything anyone can dream up happens daily somewhere in NYC.

"My eyes are up here" seems to be a popular phrase lately, with lots of shirts sporting this slogan popping up on the Interwebs. Or maybe they've been around for a while and I've not been aware of it. I'm not a boob man, myself, so maybe I'm just out of the loop.

When I was a small kid in the 60s, beehive hairdos were all the rage. Now, they still remain the rage among certain retro hipsters like Pentecostals and the wives of elderly astronauts. My early work featured almost exclusively beehive hairdos. They're funny to draw and, let's face it, funny to see on real people. Sorry if I've offended any beehive-wearing readers, it's just my opinion. You probably think pink-streaked hair and multiple lip and nose rings are funny. And you'd be right.

And today's elderly cartoon from the last millennium is about King Kong's kid. Poor Prince Kong. When I drew this, I remember being careful to judge the scale between the ape and the trees so he'd look huge, but smaller than his dad.

Hope you all have a week of rainbows and butterflies. Please visit next Tuesday for another episode of "The Adventures of Whatever it is This Blog is Supposed to be About."



Chriss Pagani said...

C U next Tuesday. :)

Fingolfin said...

I believe you´re honored on the Bug comic:

Like the Giraffe. ;)

Barb said...

Dang it! Now I'll have to face the morning reality without my chuckle!
Have fun, Mr. VacationPants. :)

Unknown said...

I thought the purpose "My eyes are up here" was to point out that Men are a bunch of Beer Drinking Pigs, while Women are sophisticated Martini Drinkers & Giarffes have small Breasts, no??

doug nicodemus said...

have a greeeeeat time...the used to dress in women's clothes get a hahahaha on the dan scale...

rob said...

I would say you succeeded with little Kong. Before I read the entry I looked at him and thought 'kong looks littler than I remember. Oh, it must be his half-grown son'.

Anonymous said...

That last photo looks like the tragic intergalactic (inter-kingdom?) rape that eventually resulted in Mister Peanut.

Para a Posteridade e mais Além said...

chit you are more bizarro
day by day
i say i say year by year
but i only see a small part
perhaps i'm right