Monday, August 23, 2010

God & Family

Bizarro is brought to you today by Important Information.

One day I was tweeting something and I thought it might be fun to open up a new Twitter account under the name "God" and tweet stuff like this. The name had already been taken, of course, probably about 18 seconds after Twitter was invented. I don't follow God on Twitter so I can't say what he/she is using it for. Other examples of what I might have tweeted as God:

Just cured a guy of leprosy, gave about 7 million other people cancer.

I could stop wars anytime I want but without cable, what would I watch?

Dave, if you're going to cheat on your wife, I'm going to introduce her to a hot trainer at the gym.

Hurricane Katrina wasn't about the iniquities of New Orleans. I was trying to teach you how to build a decent levee.

No prayers this weekend, please, I'm taking some time off.

My ancient cartoon for the day is from February of 1996. I've done a number of satires of Family Circus over the years, as have lots of other cartoonists, and I should mention that Bil Keane is a great sport about it. The first time I did it, he called me the next day (scaring me to death) and asked for the original art for his collection. I traded it to him for a Sunday panel of FC, one in which the dead grandpa ghost appears. Bil even used my name in his cartoon one time. If my archives were arranged in a way that I could find anything specific, I'd post it here. It was a picture of Billy and Jeffy talking to each other with their dad in the background listening. Billy says, "The Piraro's dad wears gold chains and an earring, all our dad wears is glasses and deodorant."

I have never worn a gold chain in my life, but I do have earrings. Still, it was fun to be a part of Family Circus.


Anonymous said...

God may not tweet, but Jesus does:

flux biota. said...

if i was god, I'd write.

"i should have made more dodo birds."

Unknown said...

HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!If You were to open an accout on Facebook or twitter As God I would follow!!!
Ofcourse there would be some of those who wont quite get it.....
It would be highly interesting what God would answer if some people were to think he was a Blasphemer Highly interesting!

dannybuntu said...


@Dave, if you're going to cheat on your wife, I'm going to introduce her to a hot trainer at the gym.

Rusthate said...

You must have been so very honoured to have been a part of his work.

It's funny; I started drawing when I was about 3 because I wanted to draw the kids in The Family Circus. They were cool as hell to a 3 year old mind.

also, I follow @jesus on twitter and he is a funny fella. EG would be
"Lazy Sunday evening, listening to Bad Religion."

"No matter how hard they try, it's not miracle whip."

"Not so fast Cosby! I'll take that sweater though."

Good times.
Have a great Day Dan.

Unknown said...

In Brazil we say that God is Brazilian... And here is the proof!

Anonymous said...

Esteemed omniscient Being:

I believe it's 'levee' not 'levy', unless you're making reference to the Marx Brothers 'Cocoanuts'.

Your Humble Servant
(more pie please)

Amber Avines said...

Love your God tweets, Dan!

Let's not forget the other side of the coin, though. Satan is pretty active on Twitter, too. Handle: @Satan.