Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bizarro Trading Cards AT LAST!

That's right, you read that correctly! No longer do you have to waste money on trading cards with pictures of people and events that you don't really care about. Now you can get trading cards with cartoons on them! Funny cartoons that were not created while on steroids!

Imagine finding just the right cartoon to lampoon your boss and leaving it anonymously on his/her door at lunchtime. Imagine the thrill you will experience when someone calls and thanks you for sending them a delightful little full-color comic in the mail! Imagine sharing them with your kids and teaching them to be sarcastic and cynical, just like DAN PIRARO! Is this much fun legal? Only one way to find out!

Go to and pre-order yours now. Save the first few packages UNOPENED for thirty years and sell them for TWICE the cover price! No need to thank me, it's the least I can do!

All Bizarro trading cards come with my personal guarantee: If you're not satisfied beyond your wildest expectations, you can just give them away!

P.S.Don't you just LOVE exclamation points?!!!


Jezzka said...

woo hoo!! yeah!!

Lisa Williamson said...

Brilliant idea - maybe there's hope for the youth of America after all!

figarojew said...

Love it! Now I can taunt my wife with her 10,000 Magick cards with new and improved Bizarro cards!

david said...

holy crap these are awesome