Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Puppies and Chickens

(For a larger, more better image of bigness to view, click the cartoon)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Good Name for a Band.

Dear faithful reader, thank you for your patience. I've been out of town for all but three days of the past four weeks and it's been difficult keeping up. As I look at the mounting pile of missed deadlines and cascading unanswered emails, I am experiencing fits of depression and feelings of hopelessness. These are mitigated with fantasies of setting fire to my apartment and moving to Tahiti, however, so that keeps me going.

Here are a couple of nice Sunday cartoons that ran in the past few weeks. I like both of these concepts and the art, as well. I like the idea of a werepuppy as opposed to a werewolf. Come to think of it, an excellent children's cartoon show might be a baby who is bitten by a werewolf and becomes a werepuppy every full moon. Oh, the shenanigans he/she could get into.

I've long been a fan of both birds and dogs, so combining them in one drawing was fun for me. One of the things I love so much about Hawaii is that the islands are populated with feral chickens. Descendants of escaped livestock, these kooky critters have thrived for generations, so the jungles and parks are full of them. When viewed objectively, they are among the most visually exciting birds in the world, in my opinion. And they are surprisingly smart.

Back to the grindstone for me. If you've emailed me recently and I haven't answered, please be patient. I badly need an assistant, wish I could afford one. I've used interns from time to time but they're too transient and take too much time to train.


Unknown said...

Jungle chickens! That's what my family and I called the Hawaii chickens when we were there. Great comics! Glad I found your blog.

feral chick said...

I should have known that if anyone would understand the appeal of feral chickens, it would be you. Good job! :-)

BGreen said...

"Deaf Peds"? I used to have a friend in a band called "Slow Children." You can probably guess what their logo looked like.

Anonymous said...

Here's another great "werewolf" comic by Kate Beaton, Dan. I think you'll like.

Unknown said...

Tahiti has feral chickens and dogs. On our honeymoon, my wife and I learned how to feed the wild chickens coconut by chewing it up and spitting it on the ground. Nutty fun for everyone!

MarkS said...


In both pictures I find 5. The first picture doesn't have the usual number above the signature and the second picture lists six.

Can anybody find more than five in the first picture?

For the second picture (Gizzard of Oz), I have:
1) Dynamite in lower left corner
2) Pie on the yellow brick road
3) Alien above turkey's head
4) Eyeball above chicken's head
5) Giant rabbit in trees.

I can't find the sixth (I'm sure there's a "K2" floating around somewhere).


Piraro said...

@MarkS...there's a K2 in the bushes just above Toto's head.

Chriss Pagani said...

When I saw the title, I thought, "OH, I guess it's about time for a Woodstock Sanctuary fundraising pitch." ..I was almost disappointed that it wasn't one. :)

Anonymous said...

For some reason, the word "feral" conjures up red eyes and fangs for me. I didn't even realize this until I visited an island a few years ago that had feral sheep and that was the image that popped into my head when the residents told me about them: sheep with red eyes and fangs. And now, feral chickens -- love it!

MarkS said...

Ah, yes - I knew there was a K2 lurking somewhere in the shrubbery.

Now I can do something useful today

Anonymous said...

There was a cartoon in the 80's that featured a baby werewolf called "Fangface"