Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cracker Divorce

Spread the word far and wide,
oh ye of puzzling inclinations,
for upon the dusk of this
dayeth shalt appear the
Bizarro Puzzler Game Brain-Teaser Search-n-Find Contest Thing
which hath doth beenth prophesied.

Boy, donkeys talk funny.

Now to the regular post of the day...

Bizarro is brought to you today by
Soft Sexy Mouths.

This cartoon makes me laugh. I hope that you, too, have noticed a tightening of the cheek muscles and a cool wind on your teeth.

Until this evening, remember that I love you, darling reader, and that my lust for your crackers is real.


monsterzero said...

my cracker of choice?

sir… let the discussion begin.

Prospero said...

And we love you too, Dan. And by the way - Wheat Thins.

Plan 9 Studios said...

My decent sensibilities are offended at your use of the word cracker. My people have worked long and hard to educate the flippant use of the term, that has shown to be used as a tool to minimize my race's dominion.

Although it's ok if Rush says it.

oroboros said...

Back atcha, boss!

Alina Urusov said...

oh yay we love you long time!