Saturday, June 7, 2008

Killer Clowns

Today's Bizarro cartoon is brought to you by Pachyderm Management Tools, Inc.

I was a big fan of the circus as a kid (except for clowns, who terrified me) and brought my own children to B&B Ringling's Circus when they were young (keeping well away from the clowns, who still make me extremely uncomfortable.) After a few of years of this, and my kids learning to beg for it every time they saw the TV commercials, I read an article about the cruelty inflicted on the animals within. It's obvious if you look, but we're raised not to "see", if you know what I mean.

I explained it to my kids and we decided to boycott the circus as a family and started going to Disney On Ice each year instead. (A sacrifice on my part since I loved the circus and could barely tolerate the ice show. But sacrifice is as much a part of parenting as suds are a part of shampoo.)

My kids were cool with it, no child can tolerate the idea of cruelty to an animal. (Well, no girl, anyway, and I have two daughters.) Later, I discovered Cirque du Soleil which blows the old-style circuses away in every category and includes only willing participants.

Bottom line, when I was a kid I dreamed of joining the circus. Now I dream of banning it. (Actually, I only want to ban the use of animals in circuses, other than dogs. I suspect dogs don't mind living in trailers with people of questionable breeding.)

Circus cruelty issues here.


Anonymous said...

The Cirque de Soleil rocks! I am always wanting more. It's amazing. The idea of using animals in Circus is really disgusting. I don't like treating animals harshly. Then, again, I'm a hypocrite. I eat meat and I like to watch the bullfights like Hemingway do. OO well! I gotta ask you, is the famous bullrun in Pamploma cruel?? Dude, people really get hurt there big time!

julie said...

Clowns are evil, pure and simple. I'm afraid of them, too. We love Cirque du Soliel as well, and while not a circus, the Blue Man Group is a family favorite. Our three year-old has decided he's going to be a Blue Man when he grows up. He drums on everything in the house with a pair of chopsticks! If you haven't seen their Megastar Tour, it's a must see.

Eric said...

Again we are in lock step on all of these points:
2) Circuses--used to be a favorite now I want them eradicated (same with 99.9% of zoos)
3) Disney on Ice--exceedingly boring
4) Cirque Du Soleil--fascinating

julie said...

You have a problem with that? You're one of THEM, aren't you?? DIE, clown, die!

Karl said...

I also find clowns are quite creepy. But in my paranoid world, it doesn’t stop there. I’m also frightened of those Disney characters dressed in life sized cartoon characters like, Donald Duck, Goofy, M&M Mouse, all of them! I’m sure they are fine people inside those life sized suits, but I can’t see them. So although I would like to smile and play along, there’s something inside me wanting to ask questions like; isn’t it hot in there, and don’t you get tired of bratty kids stomping on your feet all day, or how do you see out of that head piece anyway?

On a serious note, I can remember as a young boy watching television programs like The Ed Sullivan Show (I know it’s a long time ago) and thinking how uncomfortable I felt watching grown bears balancing on their hind legs and being paraded around in what resembled a Conga line. I was probably too young to understand why this seemed wrong, and certainly too na├»ve to realize that cruelty was probably the only way to get these majestic animals to perform stupid pet tricks. Strangely, it appeared the audience loved it, or perhaps they too were being prompted by the use of an "applause sign"

Michael Tallon said...

I don't understand why you guys would fear clowns. To me, it's just some stupid guy wearing a costume, like someone in a scary Halloween costume, that wouldn't scare me. I guess I ruin it for myself because when I see movies like Hostel I know it's all just props and effects.

It actually makes me laugh because the characters are screaming while dramatic music plays, meanwhile I'm thinking when it was filmed there was probably some stagehand watching, eating a donut, and someone texting their friend on their iPhone. Or maybe that's considered e-mail.

Instead of a clown, I'd be more frightened of a suspicious guy in a regular suit with briefcase. Odds are he'll go on rampage and kill everyone or rape some woman, meanwhile the clown's just laughing and painting faces.

Micgar said...

I will not take my son to the circus-which I think he would like-because of that-(the animal cruelty not the clowns!)

Janta said...

Great cartoon, says it all!

Janta said...

By the way, Disney on Ice is owned by Feld Entertainment, which owns Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey. Just thought I'd mention it.
See here:


HollyBerry said...

i guess i never thought of the circus in this light. i went when i was about 3 and wasn't overly excited, but i didn't hate it. cirque de soleil is pretty awesome, though. definitely much more captivating than a bear in a tu-tu.

Janta said...

Hi Pepe

The people doing the bullrun in Pamplona have a choice, and if they're dumb enough to put themselves in the way of an angry (or absolutely terrified?) bull, I can't say I have much sympathy. I have a lot of sympathy for the bulls, though. They didn't ask to be in this position, or in the middle of a bullfight, for that matter. This whole idea of some supposedly equal fight between "man and beast" put forward by the proponents of such events is, if I may express it in bovine terms, bullshit. Bullfights are cruel, there's no two ways about it. I'm not sure where you see the essential difference to a circus?

HollyBerry said...

and i found this today. just thought i'd share.

and btw mr. piraro-- because of your colon float from a couple weeks ago, i am a full-time vegetarian again. i strayed for a while, but now i'm back on track. the biggest reason was because you said in your little 10-second interview that since becoming vegan, your BMs were much improved. i noticed that since i had strayed for a while, my own were irregular and difficult at times (i know, why am i sharing this with you and all of your fine blog readers?!) but in all seriousness (and gross-ness aside), i'm normal again! and i've been spreading the knowledge, so, thanks for the inspiration.

disabled account said...

i live in stock show/rodeo land. i can't stand any of it.
karl ~ speaking as an ex-school mascot and former easter bunny; it is very hot in those giant animal can't see very well out the head at all and you're too busy trying to not fall over the kid that's trying to pull your mask off because you're so dehydrated and swimming in your own sweat that you can't enjoy their joy at all. you look really great in photos though and kids love you.
shortcake ~ hahaha! good job! you should forego the dairy and eggs for 3 weeks and see how much your digestion improves then! as well as your skin too. yup, it's true.

sorry, i guess i'm chatty today. :)

ralph said...

You people need to grow up. The obvious thing is if trainers treated animals cruelly the animal could not perform properly and the owner would not make any money form them and go out of business. Animal in captivity live longer, more satisfyed lives away from natural preditors in the wild. And are fed a more stable, constant diet.
Clowns ARE people who love to entertain other people with extreme comedy with comedic make up on their face. Why is Cique de Soleil any different in the clown dept.?? Talk about freaking looking clowns !!! And Blue man group is great, I agree, but they are just mimes in blue make up instead of white.
DUUUUUUHHHHHHHH ...(comedy)...
You are OBVIOUSLY grouping all clowns real and MOVIE HORROR into one category. Movie clowns are just actors who know nothing about clowning or entertaining. They just do what a director tells them. Why are you not afraid of people when you have watched zombie movies? Scary clowns look SCARY. and fun clowns look fun. I am sure it's apparent to you I am a clown and I am tired of people who have a fear of not being the center of attention choosing to be afraid of something as harmless as a patatoe.
Most three year olds are not afraid of clowns.
one more time......

GROW UP !!!!

And by going to Disney ON ICE as a great idea to boycott the circus.... Both are owned by the same company !!! So you ARE still building the wealth of the family who runs both.

Anonymous said...

it super rocks, love it